Police warns boda boda masqueraders on Monday’s city demonstration

Police investigates mob action of Makerere University student
Police investigates mob action of Makerere University student

KAMPALA- Kampala Metropolitan Police say they received credible information that opportunistic people are mobilising hooligans and disguising them as boda boda operators to carry out demonstrations next week to disrupt government systems.

According to Kampala Metroplitan Police Spokesman Patrick Onyango, the gangasters want to demonstrate over the ease the the lockdown after successful containment of the spread of Coronavirus in the community.

According to intelligence information, these demonstrations are being planned, mobilised and sponsored by opportunistic people within Kampala Metropolitan Policing area.

Onyango said that they have credible information that the Opportunists whom he did not name are mobilising boda boda operators to disrupt the government efforts in Coronavirus containment at the time when there are systematic processes to ease the lock down.

Onyango appeal to the public, especially boda boda operators, not to get involved into illegal activities by opportunistic people, who are working for their own benefits.

“We caution anyone who intends to engage in criminal activities that the long arm of the law will catch up with them” He said.

Onyango said that the Police is however ready to maintain law and order.