Kanungu District Launches Girl Safe Boda against Teenage pregnancies

    Kanungu District Launches Girl Safe Boda against Teenage pregnancies
    The Kansiime Mugisha demonstrating how best a woman can be carried on a Boda Boda (Photo By Patson Baraire)

    KANUNGU- Girls to Lead Africa a Community Organisation operating in Kanungu District has partnered with the Boda Boda Industry in the District to work together to end teenage pregnancies and child marriages.

    According to the Executive Director of Girls to Lead Africa Honest Kansiime Mugisha, the partnership which was launched this week in Kanungu District will see the Girls to Lead Africa work with the various Boda Boda Association to stamp out defilement, rape and girl child molestation in the district. 

    Kansiime Mugisha said that the Girl Save Boda initiative is composed Boda Boda cyclists, parents and guardians of the teenage girls who are in school.

    She said that the Boda Boda is the most common use of transport in most areas and the perpetrators of defilement and rape which result in teenage pregnancies use them for transport and therefore if well sensitised can be vital in fighting the vices.

    “The Boda Boda is the ones that transport the young girls to lodges where they are defiled but if they are sensitized they will fight the vice” Kansiime Mugisha said.

    Kansiime Mugisha also observed that some young girls fear to pass by the Boda Boda stages because of the obscene and sexually harrassing words and statements Boda Boda cyclists make and this can also be stopped if they are well educated of the negative attitude it creates.

    Kansiime Mugisha said that Police reports indicate that Boda Boda cyclists top the list of the defilement cases therefore it’s important to educate them so that they can learn how to avoid such acts that deprive them their career and lives.

    She therefore said that the Boda Boda industry has got an organised network which if used well can change their lives and realise that teenage girls should be given the opportunity to live a fruitful life.

    “We appeal to the Boda Boda cyclists who are fathers to teenage girls to become examples of fighting teenage preganancies just as they protect their own daughters” Kansiime Mugisha appealed.

    She said that Girl Safe Boda initiative will champion the fight against teenage pregnancies and child marriages so as to ensure that many girls can resume schooling after Coronavirus pandemic lockdown.

    Kansiime Mugisha said that completion of education increases the chances of the girl getting formal employment which empowers her to make informed choice and decision in making deciding on marriage partner.

    “Marrying at the right age, makes a woman make right choices in family planning and this contributes to high level of development therefore breaking the vicious cycle of poverty” She said.

    Girls to Lead Africa has been conducting leadership training workshops to impart knowledge of how girls in schools can participate in taking up leadership positions.

    The Girl Safe Boda project was launched in Kanungu District by the District Community Development who said that the girls are champions of life and therefore should be given an opportunity to grow up and excel in life.

    The function at Kihihi High School in Kihihi Town Council was attended by Kinkizi West Boda Boda Association Chairman Moses Tukwasibwe Mahaza who called upon members of the Boda Boda industry to take up the responsibility of protecting the teenage girls as their own daughters since most of them have grown up to become fathers and guardians.

    During the the function several members of Boda Boda Association were appointed as Girl Safe Boda to help in the coordination of the project so that all members get massage.

    Kansiime Mugisha said that all Sub counties across the district have chosen their coordinators to run the sensitisation massage about fighting teenage pregnancies in their communities.

    The Boda Boda cyclists who attended the meeting (Photo By Patson Baraire)

    All Boda Boda cyclists will get reflector jackets with anti teenage pregnancy massage that will be worn all the time on their stages as an assurance that they are partners in the project.

    The function was attended by a number of Boda Boda cyclists, selected teenage girls and their parents.