How to Deal with rejection in a Relationship

    How to Deal with rejection in a Relationship
    Love birds enjoying good times in a relationship

    LIFESTYLE- When you are attracted to someone or fall in love, you hope that the feelings are reciprocated. But that may not always happen.

    Being rejected by someone you love could be agonizing; it can make you feel dejected and disappointed. But when you understand that the feelings are temporary, and make an attempt to deal with the situation, you can come out of it sooner than later.

    1. Accept your feelings

    Your friends and family members could console and encourage you, but it’s you who has to validate what has happened.

    You may face a range of emotions, including discomfort, embarrassment, and dejection. The best way to deal with these emotions is to acknowledge them. Accept the truth, and you have taken the first step towards healing yourself after facing rejection.

    2. Don’t blame yourself

    Note that you have not done anything wrong. Having a crush or falling in love is a natural feeling that comes from the heart. You are not entirely in control of how you may suddenly feel about someone. Therefore, don’t rebuke your feelings after being rejected. Instead, accept it and move on with a positive mind.

    3. Don’t take it too personally

    Though rejection is personal, you should understand there is nothing wrong with you. The person whom you had feelings for must have had their own issues. Don’t take it personally, and, instead, treat rejection as a new experience. Just like any experience, rejection makes you wiser and better prepped for new challenges in life.

    4. Practice self-care

    It’s essential to take a break and take care of yourself when you are hurt; just the way you do when you go through physical pain. Do whatever it takes to get rid of those negative thoughts. It could be going for a walk, doing yoga, listening to music, painting, baking, or just having a bowl of your favorite ice cream. You would feel good about yourself.

    5. Indulge in good habits

    Engage in activities that help bring out your better self. Try to keep a check on what you are eating, get enough sleep, make time for yourself, read books, watch movies, work out, dance, and do anything that can make you grow as a person.

    6. Spend time with supportive people

    There are several family members and friends who love you unconditionally. They care for you and would never judge you. It’s time to spend time with such people and look at life from their perspective. Being in the company of people who always love you can provide comfort, support, and motivation.

    8. Restore your self-esteem

    Rejection might leave you with self-doubt. It is essential to heal your mental wound to regain confidence. One of the best ways to do it is by noting down your positive attributes. Make a list of the qualities that make you proud. It could be your kindheartedness, reliability, communication skills, or simplicity. It will remind you that you are a valuable person with strong self-worth.

    9. Love yourself

    Self-approval matters a lot. When you respect and love yourself, it becomes easy to override the negative emotions related to rejection. Once you are conscious of abundance, you can bounce back to your healthy life. Try to focus on the gifts you have; it could be your family, job, or any other good things. Pursue the good things and embrace your life.

    10. Talk to a professional

    If you are unable to get help from your closed ones or hesitant to talk to your family or friends, seek help from a therapist. A professional can understand what you are going through and would offer you the right support.

    11. Note that it’s temporary

    Nothing is permanent in the world. The feelings of agony, awkwardness, embarrassment, and depression would fade away with time. Once you understand it, moving ahead in life becomes easier. Yes, it is difficult but not impossible.

    12. Stay positive

    Thinking it over again and again or going through the negative emotions could hurt you. Sometimes, even when you are on track or working on self, those feelings could pop up. That’s why it is important to stay positive. Remember, it is a single rejection, and you will always have opportunities to find true love in the future.