SCHOOLS REOPENING: Ministry drafts fresh time table for candidates

    SCHOOL REOPENING: Ministry releases full schools reopening program
    Education and Sports Minister Janet Museveni with other officials

    KAMPALA- As anticipated, the pending academic year for schools and institutions is facing an adjustment due to the closure of schools earlier in March which ‘ate’ up much of the time that schools would have used to run their curricular activities.

    The draft calendar for the affected schools indicates a 13 week run for Term two slated to kick off on September 21.

    Unlike in the past, this year’s December – January holiday will be cut short, therefore running for just 23 days, according to the draft.

    Term 3 or rather what we could call the final term for the candidates will kick off on Monday 11th January, 2021, running for 13 weeks. It is in this same term that UCE exams are expected to run from March 1st to April 6th 2021, according to the draft timetable.

    UACE Examinations for senior six leavers are slated to happen from April 12th to May 3rd 2021    

    PLE examinations are anticipated to happen at the end of March (30-31). Below is the Calendar for the schools;