Ker Alur Kingdom ratifies partnership with MTN ahead of 10th Anniversary Coronation

    Ker Alur Kingdom ratifies partnership with MTN ahead of 10th Anniversary Coronation
    The MTN CEO 2nd Left hands over a cheque to the Ubimo 3rd Right

    KAMPALA- MTN Uganda has supported Ker Alur Kingdom with UGX. 20 million shillings towards the Kingdom’s coronation celebrations. The partnership with the Kingdom will focus on social cohesion and close cooperation among people of Klur.

    Besides, the Klur it has also partnered with other cultural institutions that include; Busoga, Bunyoro, Tooro and Ker Kwaro (Acholi) to uplift the socio-economic and cultural well- being of their people.

    It has also pledged to support the kingdom’s inter-clan cycling events in a bid to promote social cohesion in the West Nile kingdom that displayed potential in that sport during its 20th anniversary celebrations.

    While visiting the Rwoth, Ubimo Phillip Olarker Rauni III at his Bugolobi palace in Kampala the MTN Chief Executive Officer, Wim Vanhelleputte handed over the cheque to the kingdom officials to support the coronation celebrations that are set to take place in Zombo this Saturday October 31st 2020.

    Speaking at the cheque handover, Vanhelleputte expressed MTN’s elation towards working with the people of Ker Alur.

    “We are focused on actively demonstrating what can be achieved if we work together to enable a shared value system. We firmly believe that we are good together because it is possible to succeed if the communities in which we operate succeed,” Vanhelleputte noted.

    The Ubimo expressed his feverent gratitude to the brand for being the first telecom Company to partner with Ker Alur Kingdom.

     The Ubimo was quick to name the CEO “Jalngidhu”, an Alur name that is literally translated as “The one who brings a lot of good luck”.

    “We trust that this mutually beneficial relationship will bond very well with all native Alur who have continuously enjoyed the excellent services nationally and internationally. As the King of Alur, I guarantee that my Prime Minister and his officials will ensure the set objectives of this partnership to benefit both the MTN brand and the brand-loyal people of Ker Alur,” said the Ubimo.

    He also noted that Alur values holistically involve gender and all age groups in culture, development, sports, health and humanitarian activities.

    Due to COVID – 19 pandemic, the Ubimo the will join the fight against the virus under the theme “Live healthy and always wear a mask correctly”.

    Alur people are an ethnic group who live mainly in the West Nile in districts such as Nebbi , Zombo, and Arua.

    Surprisingly, the Alur kingdom has galvanized her position over the years as it is probably the only kingdom that was not affected by the Ugandan ban on traditional monarchies in 1966. 

    This strong cultural heritage of the Alur Kingdom bestowed The Ubimo of Alur tribe, Rwoth Philip Olarker Rauni III as the ruler of the entire Alur tribe, with his capital at Kaal Atyak Winam, Zombo district after his grandfather, Rwoth Jobi II rested.