Residents excited as Bwambara Sub County gets a new SACOO

    Residents excited as Bwambara Sub County gets a new SACOO

    RUKUNGIRI- Excitement continues to hike up among the residents of Bwambara Sub County after a Savings and Credit Society Limited SACCO (Bwambara Development SACCO) started operation in their area.

    The SACCO headquartered in Bikurungu Town Council is aimed at helping the members and the business community to save as well as accessing loans to boost their wellbeing.

    According to Dr. Dickson Niwasasira, one of the minds behind this initiative, they are aiming at ensuring the community gets easy access to School fees, Medical and Home Improvement loans which are the basics of community development.

    According to him, the Bwambara Sub County natives have been longing for this credit and financial institution which would ease their operations and have a transformed community in terms of saving and credit access.

    “We want this Sacco to be a channel of money that would help the Bwambara community in educating their children, boosting Agriculture and Business. We decided to put our headquarters in Bikurungu Town Council since it’s a business centre and security is guaranteed” Dr. Niwasasira asserted.


    Ms Miria Rubaanzana who recently officiated at the grand opening of this SACCO urged the public to embrace the development of Savings and Credit Cooperative schemes in their areas so that they can easily access funds to help develop their communities.

    Rubaanzana advised the staff and board members to ensure transparency in their operations so that they can win peoples’ trust if the SACCO is to fulfill its objectives.

    “The success of this SACCO lies in the hands of the staff and board members to ensure its development by the way they will handle peoples’ finances” Ms Rubaanzana noted.  

    This Online Publication understands that Bwambara Development SACCO that is less than a month in Operation has close to 200 registered members so far.