BREAKING: Ghetto TV’s Ashraf Kasirye feared dead after police shoots him on head

    BREAKING: Ghetto TV’s Ashraf Kasirye feared dead after police shoots him on head

    NEWS- The yet to be confirmed reports indicate that the Ghetto TV senior journalist Ashraf Kasirye who was recently pepper sprayed in Bobi Wine’s campaign has been shot dead.

    “Comrade Ashraf Kasirye (Ghetto Media) has been shot. He is in a critical condition. Doctors are doing their best to save his life (Bobi Wine)” one of his followers posted on social media.

    “Rest in peace ASHIRAF Ghetto TV main camera man.Short on the head and killed in masaka” Buzz media Uganda posted on their facebook page.

    If you are a social media in-law, then you must be aware of what went around the country yesterday… Presidential hopeful Hon Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine as usual started off the day with his rally together with his media team. In addition, in Luuka District however even before he made his first statement, Live bullets started flying all over the sky…

    A lot of things happened at that time before his final arrest that lead to various riots in the different parts of the country

    “I will never lie the world. You have my word on that.” I will defend the Truth. Those were the Words of Kasirye Ashraf in one of his interviews

    Ashraf Kasirye is Bobi Wine’s Most Trusted Journalist & one of the best Field Front line news reporters and journalist in Uganda we have right now. As a reporter, he is a joy to listen to while he does his commentary during his live streams. In addition, and his English is almost flawless. He is fearless while being respectful and is professional.

    Those who have been watching Ghetto Tv live streams, You know this Guy. His voice is heard is several videos,crying and shouting “batta Bobi,Bobi get down”Put off the air conditioner in the car & we neutralize the Tear gas, Bobi stay up and sometimes I couldn’t hold itit was so emotional.

    Another day he was saying to Bobi Wine’s guards take him away from here, take him to another car, please take him, Mumujeewo.

    Today after the scuffle with police During Bobi wine arrest, he was paper sprayed & badly beaten & pulled out of the Rooftop of the car, when landed down, we would hear his low voice saying ” Is My president Kyagulanyi Fine, the guy is so determined & loyal, he is more than anything.

    He is the third eye of H.E Kyagulanyi always capturing everything around him.

    Saif-llah Kasirye Ashraf wherever you are Bro, We celebrate you and pray that ALLAH grants you the desires of your heart & Quick Recovery.