Drama in Ntungamo as Candidates accuse each other of electoral malpractices

    Drama in Ntungamo as Candidates accuse each other of electoral malpractices

    NTUNGAMO– Candidates in the Ntungamo municipal mayoral seat are trading accusations citing buying off election officials, ferrying voters and engaging in violence as well as military involvement to stuff ballots and vote multiple times as voters turn up to cast ballots on Monday.

    The incumbent Mayor Mr Jacob Kafureka Jaka Jex said his opponent Mr Muheki Hakim Rwomushana was using underhand methods including ferrying voters from other areas to come and vote.

    Mr Kafureka who is the NRM flag bearer also accused the party for being against him and bringing in army men to vote at different polling stations.

    Mr Rwomushana however said the electoral commission was acting in favor of Mr Kafureka. He said they had switched polling officials whom they thought would either be independent or favor him in the process.

    The municipal mayoral elections has four candidates; incumbent Mr Jacob Kafureka who has been in office since 2010 when the municipality was created and had previously served as the town council chairperson, Jajji Muheki who is the Eastern division chairperson. Others are Mr Perez Katabarwa a farmer and businessman and Mr Benjamin Agaaba a 28 year old contestant.

    In the Monday elections, parties accused each other of also conniving with polling officials to allow non voters to cast ballots.

    There are 19513 voters in Ntungamo Municipality voting in 20 polling stations. The best turn up in a single election has been 7000 voters with the most recent election attracting only 54% of the voters.

    At all the polling stations, voters turn up was normal by mid day and polling started earlier as compared to the past elections. Most stations had started casting by 9pm