Former Rukiga LCV candidate concerned with EC’s delay to handle his petition


RUKIGA- The former Rukiga district Chairperson Aspirant on the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party Michael Kwarikunda Mbareba has petitioned the Chairperson of National Electoral Commission and its legal team requesting for quick intervention about his petition.

In an election that was held on 20th of January this year Kwarikunda was left unsatisfied because of alleged ballot stuffing in Kamwezi Sub County.

Kwarikunda garnered 12, 308 votes, while his National Resistance Movement counterpart Robert Mbabazi Kakwerere polled 20, 200 votes to win the race.

But in Kamwezi sub county alone Mbabazi scored a high margin of 12,258 votes against Kwarikunda’s 419.

In a February 10th petition, Kwarikunda says that he and his campaign  team observed electoral irregularities and malpractices that were committed by his opponent Kakwerere and his supporters as well as electoral commission officials at most polling stations, especially in Kamwezi Sub County.

In addition to this, Mbareeba contends that there was voter bribery, pre-ticking of ballot papers, ballot stuffing, intimidation of candidates, multiple voting, deceased persons’ votes being casted as well as persons who had migrated or were in Diaspora.

Kwarikunda also in a petition indicates that on the same day of election, before declaration of the winner at the tally center, he was compelled from raising the same issues to the Rukiga district Returning Officer Rebecca Mbabazi, who informed him to go to courts of law for redress.

“This matter is beyond my office. I therefore declare Kakwerere as the winner having garnered the highest number of votes in this election” Mbabazi told the press.

Now, Kwarikunda urges that the electoral commission has delayed intervening in the matters raised in his petition which has increased suspicion among his supporters.

“We would wish that the electro commission provide us with Biometric verification machines (BVVK) and registers used on voting day in order to use them as evidence in courts of laws” Kwarikunda asserted.

He adds that the electoral commission has promised to release them very soon for simplicity.