President Kagame sacks his Justice Minister


KIGALI– Rwanda President Kagame has  sacked his Minister of Justice and Attorney General Johnston Busingye after he accused him of consistently making personal opinions over   government policies while in service.

According to the communique dated today 1st March 2021 and signed by the Rwanda Prime Minister Edouard  Ngirente, which this Online Publication has seen, Busingye was removed from office with immediate effect.

According to the Communique, Prime Minister Ngirente said that the removal of Busingye from office is in accordance with Article 116 of the Constitution of Rwanda of 2003 as revised in 2015.
Prime Minister said that he was acting on behalf of Rwanda President Paul Kagame to inform Busingye about his removal from office.

The removal of Busingye from office as Minister of Justice and Attorney General comes a few days after he addressed the international media over the detention and trial of Paul Rusesabagina, the acclaimed Rwanda Hero who premiered in the Film Hotel Rwanda where he helped save the lives of more that 1,200 Tutsi during the Rwanda genocide in 1994.

Rusesabagina who claims was kidnapped by the Rwanda government has been living in exile but was arrested aboard the Emirates Plane in Dubai in August 2020 and taken to Rwanda where he is facing trial over charges of terrorism.