Authorities to investigate sudden death of 7 people from one village in Kanungu District


KANUNGU– The Kanungu Deputy Resident District Commissioner Gad Ahimbisibwe Rugaju has disclosed that his office and health officials are investigating circumstances under which 7 people from Nyaruhungye village, Rushaka Parish in Nyamirama Sub County died in a period of one week.

Rugaju made this revealation today (Saturday) morning while talking exclusively to our reporter where he confirmed to have instituted investigation into the matter to establish what killed the 7 people so suddenly.

The Deputy RDC’s remarks come after Katete Sub County Chairman Johnson Friday told a monthly meeting of Sub County Chairmen, Chiefs, Town Clerks and Mayors that met at Kihihi Sub County that 13 people had died in his Sub County due to yet to be known causes.

Friday said that the people are suspected to have consumed local waragi mixed up with roundup chemical meant for spraying crops which could have caused their death.

The Sub County leaders all over the district agreed to intensify the investigations into the matter so that the origin and cause of death of these people is established and stopped.

However, in Nyamirama Sub County, the Deputy RDC observed that the situation was alarming and threatening the people after 7 people died in one week.

The LC3 chairpersons, Sub county Chiefs and town clerks informed the Deputy RDC that some people are mixing waragi with round up, (omubazigwente, and omubirizi) which they suspect to be coming from outside Kanungu district and is suspected to be killing many people in Kanungu.

They also informed the Deputy RDC that people are seen at night carrying jerricans of waragi into Kanungu which they suspect to be the dangerous one.

The Sub County leaders requested the Deputy RDC that through his secutity tram to immediately arrest these people ferrying waragi into the District, subject it to laboratories to ascertain it’s consumption outcome.

Meanwhile the Deputy RDC Rugaju says that he will not compromise the situation and will go ahead to enforce the curfew guidelines that was put in place at the peak of Coronavirus pandemic outbreak because it has never been removed.

He therefore warned all bar owners and people operating lodge business to be careful about this directive because they will be dealt with accordingly.