Unknown people gift RDC with Urine bottles


NEWS– There was panic on Tuesday after unknown people delivered packed urine into the office of the Lira City Resident Commissioner Lawrence Egole.

The boxes were first delivered to the home of the area local council one chairperson of Angwet A Village in Lira City, East Division Mr. Santos Okwir.

“I returned home at around 1pm, and I found a box addressed to the Resident City Commissioner Laurence Egole. The labels showed that the package was from the office of the prime minister and was first delivered to Gulu before it was first brought to Lira” Okwir told journalists.

According to Okwir, he became suspicious of the package and wondered why it would first be delivered to his home yet it is addressed to the RCC whose office is known and if at all was delivered by a curiour service, it would not be a challenge to locate Egole’s office.

It is upon this background that the LC I chairman says he then took a decision to take the package to Lira Central Police Station but the police directed him to deliver it to the designated office as per the labels on the package.

But before it reached the office of the RCC, front desk officers at the city council out of suspicion called security officers who opened the box and found 16 bottles filled with urine.

At the time the package was delivered, Egole says he was not in office but he was alerted by his office managers and he immediately rushed. 

Egole says Angwet Angwet A village where the package was delivered neighbors Obangapewany where he stays and says this could be engineered by wrong elements who are aggrieved by the tough security measures he instituted to avert criminality in the city.