“Am unlucky when it comes to relationships, am tired of hit & run men”, Winnie Nwagi


ENT– The saying that all men are dogs will never go away from the minds of many girs due to the hit and run heart breaks they have faced with several men.

Among them is boutylicious singer winnie Nwagi who a few days ago revealed why she nolonger dates men in an interview with our snoops.

“As an artiste, it’s really hard to settle with someone, for example someone like me the Fire baby when someone sees me on social media they think I cannot settle down, they think I cannot take them seriously, so I find myself in entanglements” she said.

“You can be in a relationship and then you are in it alone when you don’t even know, may be sometimes people just come and they just want to use you because of what you are, to show off, so many things happen, right now I lost hope and interest in commitments.

I just want to love myself, give myself everything I ever wanted, taking care of my daughter and family, friends, I just want to have a good time, to live my life because life is too short.

If I spend it worrying about who is going to take and marry me I would be miserable, so just live my life, I don’t even care if am in a relationship or not , it’s not even important to me now.

I have ever been in entanglements, the guy loved me at the beginning, everything was moving smoothly and I thought I had got the right one, time came and he started changing and we ended up breaking up.

So am unlucky when it comes to relationships and am tired of meeting new men.