“Archbishop Lwanga was over rated” Ofwono Opondo


KAMPALA– The government spokesperson has come out to rubbish reports especially by the church and media that the late Archbishop Lwanga who died last week was the master mind behind all the successes of the catholic church.

Opondo says that anyone who would have been appointed the Archbishop for Kampala would have done the same job or better. He says that unlike other Archbishops of other regions, Dr Cyprian Lwanga had a comparative advantage of being in Kampala and thus was always in the media. 

The Government spokesperson adds that he also had an advantage of Kampala being the main City of Uganda and dorminated by the Baganda ethnicity where development comes smoothly compared to other areas. 

Dr Cyprian Kizito Lwanga who was laid to rest on Thursday at the Lubaga cathedral has been widely described by Christians as a noble man who moved beyond spiritual and looked at the economy of his followers through his Twekembe initiative. 

He has also been praised for playing a vital role in Mapeera House construction and growth of Centenary Bank.

OO adds that the government of Uganda and other dioceses also contributed to the development of Namugongo but instead its Dr Cyprian who takes the the lion’s share of the the applauds something not right.

“I also don’t think it is accurate to attribute the growth of Centenary Bank to the Archbishop. If we say he was a grounded religious leader, are we casting doubt on others?” Ofwono Opondo stated.

“I am not disputing Archbishop Lwanga’s achievements. I am just saying he had the advantage of having to lead a predominant ethnicity and presiding where news is made,” Ofwono Opondo added.