Rukungiri Business community urged to form more groups to share on national cake


RUKUNGIRI– The Sacco members of Rukungiri district traders Sacco have been called upon to form more groups as the only way of benefiting on the national cake.

While officiating at the 1st Sacco’s annual general meeting, Jackson Kizza, the Rukungiri district national resistance movement (NRM) elections officer pointed out that the only way of sharing on the national cake is by forming groups since the government is currently investing money in organized groups that aim at developing members.

Kizza who represented Ambrose Kibuuka hailed the Sacco board committee for transparency and accountability of Sacco funds saying that it has greatly contributed a lot toward it’s development.

He also hailed the NRM government for provision of security that has created a peaceful environment that have enabled every Uganda to settle and work for development.

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Perry Owoyesigyire the Rukungiri Municipality Commercial Officer asked the Sacco members to always ensure timely payment of loans to save the Sacco from spending more on loan recovery which at times hinders development of the Sacco.  

He tasked the Sacco administration and the board to invest more in community mobilization if the Sacco is to develop and provide effective financial assistance.

Owoyesigyire also asked the members to buy more shares and increase share capital which will boost the Sacco development.  

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Chrysistom Byaruhanga Rwakaana, the Sacco chairperson hailed the members for attending the 1st annual general meeting saying such attendance signal seriousness thus calling for cooperation and timely loans repayment for the success of their Sacco.

Deus Niwamanya, the Sacco manager tasked the members to do routine visits to the Sacco in case of anticipated delay in loan repayment in improving relationships with loan officers.  

Rukungiri district traders Sacco started in 2019 with 118 members, a share capital amounting to UGX 10 million and apparently the Sacco has 146 members with a capital base of over UGX 79 million.