Ugandans headed for fresh lockdown as COVID-19 cases resurge


KAMPALA– Ugandans are at the blink of going back into a national lockdown as COVID-19 variant cases continue to ravage India and other parts of the world in addition to having some cases already registered in the country.

The Minister for ICT and National Guidance Hon Judith Nabakooba now wants Ugandans to strictly follow the existing Standard Operating procedures (SOPs) for the country to survive the second deadly wave of COVID-19.

While addressing the media over the weekend, Minister Nabakooba noted that Uganda is now getting ready for a second wave of COVID-19 and according to the Ministry of health.

According to her, all the prevailing indicate that the second wave is already hear and it is going to be more deadly than the first.

The second wave is being driven by new types of the virus spreading in different parts of the world.

The Minister revealed that Government has decided to embark on some of the strategies that we employed last year in March.These interventions are going to help the country to avoid what is happening in India now.

On Friday, the Minister of Health announced the suspension of all flights and travelers from India until further notice.This suspension however does not include Ugandans who had gone for treatment.

The Minister also announced that all travelers coming through the airport and land boarders will be tested for COVID-19.

According to Nabakooba, the reintroduction of these restrictions should tell us that the situation is serious and this is the time to wake up. “COVID-19 is back, it is angrier and more dangerous.It is determined to kill as many people as it can this time,” she said.

The Ministry of health has started to witness a gradual increase in new cases. Government is encouraging all those who have been called up for vaccination to immediately go get the vaccine.Currently the total number of people vaccinated in Uganda is still very low standing at 330,077 as of Friday 30th April 2021.

“I therefore call upon all Ugandans to take the existing guidance on prevention seriously.Let us reawaken our caution by wearing masks all the time, washing hand with soap and social distancing,” Nabakooba said.