LABOR PARTY UGANDA: “Labor is an all Unifying factor”

( L- R) Hon.Israel Mayengo, the president, Dr.Rogers Birungi Barigayomwe, chairman flanked by Dr. Byamukama Heny, International secretary for Labour party ( Photo/ Abraham MUTALYEBWA)

KAMPALA– In Uganda, the issue of labour in the country is not put at the frontline in most cases, yet it is a very pivotal element in spurring development of any nation.

In my view, most of these matters concerning labour which is one of the factors of production in reference to my petit economics come up as we gear to commemorate the International Labor day on May 1, of every year which is not supposed to be  the case.

On Friday, the Labor party in Uganda hosted a presser upon which they relayed some of the continous challenges workers in Uganda face and provision of solutions to that regard.

Speaking at the engagement, Hon. Israel Mayengo, the President Labor Party said that they  are the oldest political party in Uganda that started in 1944 but went into slumbering due to some cirmustances.

 “We have over 44 political parties in Uganda and with our system, we believe in  rotational leadership and this will save us a lot of wars. What is  needed is a country without wars, not an opposition party since  most of them must be in parliament which is not the case here because labour is needed allover” Hon.Mayengo said.

He also said that they are looking at a country without  political prisoners, refugees inside their country but also with an army that defends Ugandans instead of fighting them as it is most times.

Mayengo empthasised that labour is everywhere  and  it is  easily acceptable in Uganda, Burundi, Kenya Tanzania, Rwanda, DR.Congo among other countries since it unites all of them and very practical.

He pointed out that they are the heart of the people since most are politicking which  has come the order of the day but not their plan.

Dr. Rogers Barigayomwe, the Chairman of the party called upon all the laborers to join the courageous conversations with all political players about matters concerning Uganda and East Africa without fear.

More to add, Dr. Byamukama Henry, the International Secretary for the  party  noted that the country should be intentional with functional labor unions even if the structures are broken.

Byamukama urged people to work with available trends since the Industry is so dynamic of late, before calling  for talent embracement and unity.

Additionally, some of the key tenets the party augmented about included; rotational leadership, panafricanism, constitutional review, practical education system, minimum wage, reduced cabinet, bicameral parliament among others.