Momo 19 deletes her wedding photos with Daxx Kartel, Kojjas-Senga talks hit dead end


ENT– Baganda elders having a saying that marrying a beautiful gal is like killing yourself. 

Rumours that have been making rounds on social media corridors stating that city slayqueen Momo19 and singer Daxx Kartel parted ways moments after legalizing their booking sessions have proved to the real truth.

Days ago Momo19 deleted the couple’s photos off her social media handles, all this came after Daxx Kartel lost love for sexy Momo after she refused to give him a child even after legalizing their relationship a few months ago with sex marathons day and night, washing clothes, mopping the house and laying the bed.

The “Musege” singer got frustrated and then slept with Momo 19’s close friend only identified as Ashira who he scored a live penalty and they are now expecting a child.

This angered Momo 19 who took took to her social media platforms and posted singer Sasha Brighton’s song known as “Kambite” literally meaning that she is tired of her relationship with the singer after being disappointed.

Sources close to the couple have it that their family members are trying to find all possible means to see that Momo and Daxx get back together but all has hit a dead end.