“Don’t follow the footsteps of your predecesors” Fr Gaetano to MPs elect


KABALE– The Kitanga parish priest Fr. Gaetano Batanyenda has termed legislators who are requesting parliamentary cars as greedy and non patriotic.

While speaking to journalists at Miam Tours Hotel in Kabale municipality, Batanyenda blasted legislators for their selfish interests other than serving Ugandans.

He added that Ugandan legislators no longer think about their people but their families which has resulted into accumulation of national debts.

Batanyenda further said that the taxpayer is the one to suffer if they keep on voting for such selfish and greedy leaders.

The item of ‘Cars for new MPs’ is captured in the budget framework paper for the 2021/2022 financial year as one of the critical but unfunded priorities.

According to the budget framework paper for the 2021/2022 financial year, there are budgetary pressures that the government is facing totalling to UGX 5.99 trillion. However, after review of the pressures, the government said the critical funding areas will require UGX 3.19 trillion next financial year.

In the outgoing 10th parliament, the government spent nearly UGX 110Bn on legislators vehicles. The money was released in two instalments with MPs getting UGX 100m each in October 2016 following a release of UGX 64.5bn, MPs got an additional UGX 100m each following release of UGX 45.8billion in June 2017. 

The 11th parliament is set to see the amount spent on the MPs’ car allowance rise by UGX 55bn to UGX 165bn owing to an increase in the number of MPs from 448 to 514. This translates into a cash-out of UGX 321m per MP.

There are no costs involved in implementing the MPs’ car program as the money is simply wired to MPs accounts to spend as according to their need.

President Yoweri Museveni, during his victory speech warned MPs against extravagance and wasteful expenditure saying that he will not allow them to increase their allowances and emoluments as they please.