Who is Late Bishop John Ntegyereize, Emeritus Bishop of the Diocese of Kinkizi


OBIT– The late Bishop John Wilson Ntegyereize was  born in 1946 in present Kanungu District, Ntegyerize, was the fourth born in a family of five. Growing up without a father, is what shaped his life. 

He was married to the late Joslyne Ntegyereize who died earlier in 2013 and left with him four children.

In 2014, Emeritus Ntegyereize got married to another wife maama Pamerah Ntegyereize whom they had lived together for Five years with one child at their home in Kishenyi, Kanyantorongo subcounty.

Pamelah Ntegyereize is the exuctive director of The Zuri and O-pad project which supports girl child education and their well being in uganda.

He was the archedecon of Nyakatare Archedeconary until 1994 when the synod meeting sat at Kinyasano hill and resolved to curve Kinkiizi as the diocese and later he was chosen to be the first Bishop. He was enthroned on 7th May, 1995.

He worked as the bishop for fifteen years and was later succeeded by Bishop Dan Zoreka in on 10th October, 2010.

We should remember that his death came a day to the 26th birthday of the diocese of kinkiizi slated for May 7th.

He died at the age of 75.


It was while rearing goats that his study opportunity came. “A teacher found us in the field and said he was looking for children to go to school.”

Ntegyereize accepted and he started school the following day. However, his decision was in defiance of his mother who doubted that someone would educate his son free of charge. 

Ntegeyereize went to Rweyerezo Church School, Kambuga Primary School, Burema Primary School, and Nyakatare Primary School.

He then went to Ruhayana Junior Secondary School. He was admitted to Makobore High School but never joined because he couldn’t afford fees.


Instead, he became a Church School teacher at Kisenyi Church of Uganda. It is here that he made a decision to join priesthood. 

The school’s headmaster and deputy were absent when a parish priest visited the school. “He had a list of people he wanted to visit, so I escorted him to those people.”

On the way, he asked him if he wanted to join priesthood to which he answered in the affirmative. The clergyman then got him admission at Bishop Barham Divinity College for a pre-ordination course.  

Ntegyereize later went to Bishop Tucker Theological College (now Uganda Christian University) for a certificate in Theology, Edinburg Theology College UK (Diploma in Theology), Daystar University in Nairobi (Certificate in Church Communication), and United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities Minneapolis USA (MA Christian Leadership.)


But the clergy’s visit wasn’t Ntegyereize’s only persuasion to join priesthood. His childhood dream was to be a priest.

He thought priesthood would give him a platform to guide people on how to improve their lives and societies.

As a teenager, he loved priesthood and he grew up in a church environment where he was a choir member. He remembers churches had no chairs then and people carried mats and chairs to service on Sundays.

The late Bishop Ntegyereize was inspired by the teachings of Bishop Festo Kivengere (RIP) and Simon Peter Kigozi.

He was a developmental man, he initiated the installation of water supply in Kanungu Town Council, construction of schools, hospital like Bwindi community hospital.

During his consecration as a Bishop in 1995, Ntegyereize said his friends abroad donated a generator to the diocese which turned out to be the first source of electricity in the district.

The bishop also used to mobilise  people to undertake agriculture and other developmental initiatives to better their lives of people in the diocese during his leadership.

Here are some of the late Bishop Emeritus John Ntegyereize’s achievements;
1. Bwindi Community hospital.2. Nyakatare health centre.3. Building the Cathedral.4. Building Diocesan offices.5. Building the Bishops residence.6. Holy Cross Guest house.7. Ramsden Guest House.

8. Bishops Primary school.9. Bwindi Nursing school.10. Batwa resettlement and rehabilitation projects.11. Girl child education scholarships.12. Several gravity water schemes.13. Girls dormitory  , boys dormitory and classroom block at Kinkiizi high school.14. Purchase of kirenzi hill now with masts of MTN,UTL, KBS radio15. Purchase of building in kihiihi housing Stanbic bank.

16. Building pension house in kihiihi.17. Modern science lab,female staff house, 2 classroom blocks at Nyakabungo Girls Secondary school.18. I R D P Project( mismanaged after his retirement).19. Attracting all donors the Diocese had.20. Building churches.21. Adolescent reproductive health programme.22. AEE(African Evangelical Enterprise)23. HIV Programme.

24. All health centres at parishes.25.  Food security programmes.26. Using a gift to him on his first visit to UK to build All Saints church kanungu.27. Sending clergy and laity abroad for study and exposure e.g Reverends Nfitumukiza, Kanyankole,Tibesigwa,Nathan Turyahikayo, Ensinehinduka,Hamlet kabushenga. late Beshubeho, late Komunda, Evas Kurama,Twinomuhwezi, Bagaba, etc and laity like Can Rwakabogo, late Can Zippporah, late Can Rutagyira etc.

28. Linking the Diocese with Christ Church Deanary UK29. Encouraging professionals like teachers to join the ordained ministry.30. Creation of Kampala Chapter of the Diocese.31. Diocesan motor vehicle fleet.32. KICORD Bank33. Mothers union Training centre building34. House occupied by Education coordinator.

35. Nyakatare Primary school play ground.36. Advocacy for child ministry that yielded into compassion.37. Linked with Care  lnternational and attracted village saving scheme “KABOXI”.38. Promotion of female Clergy to higher posts ie Archdeacon.39. Demonstrating genuine love for education.