Girls to Lead Africa promotes sexual and Reproductive Health on Mothers’ day

The women and school girls join the Executive Director of Girls to Lead Africa Honest Kansiime Mugisha in a group photo.

KANUNGU– The Executive Director of Girls to Lead Africa Hon Honest Kansiime Mugisha has called upon women in Kanungu and the country at large to practice good hygienic methods of menstrual cycle that are aimed at protecting themselves and the environment.

Kansiime made the call today while sensitizing women in Rugyeyo Sub County in Kanungu District on the proper usage of re-usable pads that were donated to the rural women by her Organisation Girls to Lead Africa (GTLA).

Girls to Lead Africa is a non governmental organization which is building a critical mass of young women and positioning them to become leaders today and in future.

She said that the unlike the ordinary pads commonly used by women and Immediately disposed off, the Reusable pads can be used for a year.

The Executive Director of Girls to Lead Africa Honest Kansiime Mugisha explaining usage of reusable pads to a group of women in Rugyeyo Sub County.

She also explained that whereas the ordinary pads can take up to 300 years to decompose thus degrading the environment, the reusable pads she donated can take few years to decompose.

Kansiime said that sometimes bleeding in women is heavier on the first or second day of menstrual cycle which needs the affected woman to use many ordinary pads but the reusable pads can sustain the entire period.

The ED said that it has been confirmed by the experts that the reusable pads give less stress to the women because they are healthy and also gives them a chance to continue with their duties without break.

She gave an example of sports women who have found the reusable pads helpful because they can allow them to continue their sporting activities without any hindrance.

Kansiime also asked the women to make records for their menstrual cycle so that they are able to start off using the pad immediately they get into the period.

She appealed to the young girls that getting into the menstrual cycle is not sickness and shouldn’t use it as an excuse to drop out of school since the reusable pads will help them overcome their worries about going to school during menestural period.

She also asked the young girls not to shy away from asking questions to their mothers, elder sisters or senior women teachers about the menstration because themselves have passed through the process.

Nahabwe Penninah who coordinated the event said that the donation from Girls to Lead Africa Organisation to the women in Kanungu District on safe menstrual cycle will go along way in helping women to live better lives.

She said that over 200 women attended the function and each of them was given a kit of reusable pads and most of them were secondary girls.

Nahabwe hailed Girls to Lead Africa for coming up with such a support which she said will be sustained to promote health and environment.