GTLA tips form six leavers on self-belief in Career Development

Hon Honest Kansiime Mugisha (left) takes a group photo with S.6 finalists and facilitators at Kihihi High School in Kanungu District after a careers guidance engagement.

KANUNGU– The Executive Director of Girls To Lead Africa Hon Kansiime Honest Mugisha has urged the young generation who want to become future leaders to remain focused and believing in themselves.

Hon Kansiime made remarks on Monday in a career guidance engagement at Kihihi High School Main Hall in Kihihi Town Council, Kanungu District asserting that youth can find their future if well intentioned.

She noted that every person has the potential to excel, but this needs individual determination and sacrifice so that one remains on path to achieving own set goals.

Kansiime urged the youth to be creative in whatever they try to do, so that they relive their parents of stress when they chose courses they will undertake.

The Careers guidance Engagement at Kihihi High School was mooted by Honest Kansiime Mugisha (with microphone).

She went on to ask them to use the internet and read extensively so that they can intake well researched information that can help them in their academics.

Speaking at the same event John Kyamutetera Byambwenu an educationist and public speaker from Kampala International University asked the youth and members of Girls To Lead Africa not to be the worst enemies of themselves by listening to worst words coming from their friends but to rather remain themselves.

Byambwenu hailed the youth who have shun discouragement in their mind and moved on with their life which can make them greatest in future undertakings.

He urged them to engage in vocational courses like building, tailoring, agriculture and other hands on jobs that can make the future the way they want it.

Reknown Public Speaker and Educationist John Kyamutetera Byambwenu addressing the participants

The guest speaker urged them to have mentors in their lives and ensure they look up to be guided by them, never to loose hope and always look ahead for something big to make them great in future saying that they can always start small but aiming at achieve bigger results.

He therefore asked the attendants who were mostly S.6 leavers to take up careers that can make them job creators than seekers and avoid copying courses which have been taken up by others.

Byambwenu was accompanied by his wife Dr Prudence Kemigisha who asked the girls who have embraced the Girls to Lead Africa to remain focused and take up careers which will benefit them in future.

Dr Kemigisha hailed Hon Kansiime for empowering girls and women in Kanungu District on how they can become leaders of today and tomorrow in their Communities, schools and nurturing them to become responsible women.

Kihihi Town Council District Elect Councilor Tumwesigye Roger addressed the participants

At the same engagement, Asasira Justus, a lecturer at Mbarara University of Science and Technology urged the participants to make right choices of courses to take and the right Institutions to attend in order to acquire good and quality education.

The Kihihi Town Council District Councilor- Elect Tumwesigye Rodgers thanked Hon Kansiime for her tireless efforts to make sure that she develops her area through empowering the youth in Kanungu District and other neighboring districts.

Tumwesigye appealed  to the youths to work hand in hand with her to develop their organization because it’s not hers individually but for all of them to benefit.

He appealed to Kansiime to think of making annual celebrations in the district to show case her activities and assured her that he will make a report after swearing in to the district so that the organization can be supported.

The engagement was attended by over 150 form six who came from all over the district and attending different schools.