Teachers reject repeated calls for COVID-19 Jab in Kabale


KABALE– The Kabale district health officer Alfred Besigensi has shown concern over teachers’ failure to turn up for COVID-19 vaccination.

Besigensi told the district council on Monday, that only 2,900 people have already taken their first COVID-19 jab in the District with the security personnel leading in the campaign.

Besigensi revealed that only 22% of the teachers in the district have taken the jab yet they are at a very high risk of contracting and transmitting the infection.

He added that they haven’t received any side effects of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 jab as reported in other countries thus Calling upon the target group to turn up for the vaccine.

Besigensi now wants the district authorities to mobilize and inform the public on vaccination process so that Ugandans don’t remain un or mis-informed about the process.


Besigensi also revealed that Kabale district admitted 318 COVID-19 cases and was the most hit district in the region. 

He however told the council that since February,  the district has not got any admission indicating a relief in their efforts to curtail the spread.