Bishop Ahimbisibwe tips Ugandans on living meaningful lives


NTUNGAMO– Ugandans have been urged to act examplary while still alive if they want to leave a positive legacy and live with Christ after demise.

The call was made by the Bishop South Ankole diocese Rt Rev Nathan Ahimbisibwe on Tuesday while preaching at the send off of Datsan Garuga in Kibonwa cell, Rubaare Town council in Ntungamo district. 

Bishop Ahimbisibwe told the mourners that it’s better to live well with neighbuors, serve the almighty whole heartedly, forgiving and asking for forgiveness whenever anything is wrong.

He went on to urge the public to always renew their relationship with God through salvation since the world we are living in tricks us into sin.

Cue in……… Ahimbisibwe on exemplary rr

The late Garuga 102, succumbed to natural death. He is survived with 14 children and 97 grand children. 

Mourners described him as a hardworking, God fearing and loving man.