Key takeaways from President Museveni’s inauguration speech


KAMPALA- The President of the Republic Of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has been sworn in today for his sixth term to lead Ugandans.

His inauguration attracted 11 heads of states as well as delegations from many nations across the globe.

Our team has picked for you some key issues from his inauguration speech as here below;

-Mbalamusizza mwenna. Mwebale okulwana olutalo lw’obupapula.

-We invited only leaders in Uganda because we have been fighting #COVID19. The people you see here are leaders in the different districts in Uganda and they are all tested for #COVID19. 

-President Museveni: I am very grateful to all the heads of state that have graced this occasion.

-Some of you Ugandans don’t know much about Africa so you may not know where Guinea – Conakry is but it’s the land of Sèkou Tourè.

-President Museveni: By 1900, the whole of Africa had been colonized apart from Ethiopia. Some of the traditional leaders tried to fight to maintain their independence but they were not coordinated so they were defeated.

-With the clear ideology of NRM we have diagnosed the problem of Uganda. The main mistake was to emphasize identity rather than interests such as security, infrastructure.

-We can achieve faster rates of growth with the current levels of literacy and I will see to it that that happens. We have achieved rapid rates of growth in some sectors.

-There has been a lot of “okwebaka”, too much sleeping in Uganda. One of the diplomats was asking me yesterday how we are poor with all the resources we have.

-Sleeping is also good in its way, there are so many things you don’t worry about because you are Sleeping.  A snake can bite you while you’re asleep and you die peacefully without noticing. When you’re awake, however, you worry about so many realities that you continue to face.

-It is laughable to hear of some actors in the world giving us lectures about democracy. What are your credentials?

– We designed this system from the jungles of this country where we lived with the people in their huts. It is laughable to give lectures on democracy to the architects of this democracy.

-The NRM government has been able to wake up sections of Ugandans. Uganda is now a country of surplus.  The 40% of the population that has woken up has produced a lot of products and the internal market is no longer enough.

-Even bigger markets like India and China still need external markets. I want to use this opportunity to remind Africans that economic and political integration is necessary for the success of Africa.

-There was resistance by some parasite groups about some projects like Emyooga, women’s fund, etc. I am happy my bazzukulu from the ghetto are here. Their problems come from their leaders. We are going to work together to address them.

-The COVID19 pandemic hit some sectors badly. This Financial Year and the next, we have allocated UGX 464 billion to help these groups.

-Apart from importing, we are developing our vaccines to be able to deal with all the COVID-19 variants. We shall import once or twice then make our own. We were delayed because of our slave-minded civil servants who have no confidence in themselves.

-Africans can defend themselves against all aggressors if we coordinate. It is up to us to show that we matter and have the capacity.

-African patriots like me are neither pro-East nor pro-West. We are first and foremost pro-Africa.

-Elections are over, akalulu kaggwa. Let us get back to work.