Dubai Birthday trip lands Rema Namakula’s marriage in tears


ENT– Latest news coming in has it that deeply in love songbird Rema Namakula has left  single mums who had become strong because of her, fans and admirers shocked after learning that most of their artist’s recent posts on her Facebook page were pulled down.

To make matters worse, even those jaw dropping pics she took with new hubby Hamza Ssebunya while in Dubai recently are deleted too.

A section of social media in-laws are now starting to believe that their is trouble in paradise, if not probably her page could have been hacked by ex kenzo’s fans.

Rema is well known of sharing more photos and what caught the attention of her followers recently are two things in particular; Hamza’s legs and his booty.

None the less, no nosense Rema has since pulled everything down from the Official page.