Greater Kabale Districts to mount joint operations in enforcing COVID-19 SOPs


KABALE– The Kabale Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Darius Nandinda has vowed to mount joint security roadblocks between three districts that make up Greater Kabale to arrest people who will try to default the Presidential directive on closure of inter-districts movements.

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Tibuhaburwa on Sunday while addressing the nation on COVID-19 pandemic ordered for closure of inter-districts movements for 42 days.

While speaking in COVID-19 task force meeting that was held today morning in Kabale district Rukiiko hall, Nandinda said three districts of Rubanda, Kabale and Rukiga will make joint roadblocks because people are becoming defiant on the presidential directive of cross border.

Nandinda adds that people are becoming stubborn and want to challenge the presidential directive claiming that they live in one district and work from another.

Nandinda says that he expects no excuse whatsoever for crossing the district border to another.

He also says that boda boda cyclists are not adhering to the directive and this will prompt security to mount more roadblocks in town.

He further encouraged the public to wear their masks rightly since many people have resorted to wear them are below the chins and others carry them in pockets which still puts their lives at stake.


 RDC Nandinda also urged all parents whose children have just returned home from school to take the for COVID-19 testing or keep them in isolation to ascertain the state of their lives.

Nandida, says that most children from school have covid-19 in that most schools have been hiding information in fear of being closed.