Kampala University accident Victim laid to rest in Rukungiri Municipality


RUKUNGIRI– The public has been asked to know God and offer him their lives if they are to live happily both on Earth and in heaven.

The message was sounded by Rev. Father Jeremiah Tumwijukye the Assistant Parish priest at Christ the King Parish Rukungiri during the final send off of Patricia Orishaba a Kampala University student who died in accident on Tuesday.

Father Tumwijukye asked the mourners to always live prepared with their lives in the hands of the Lord since none knows their time and cause of death.

He went on to advise the public to desist from spreading false rumors against the Church leaders stressing that such Characters should get saved before the heavenly punishment.

Rev Fr Tumwijukye advised the mourners to learn that our bodies have in most cases lured us into forgetting and moving a distance away from God thus leading us to hell.

“It’s my appeal to you all that we always understand that everyday that goes by, our lives continue drawing closer to death” Fr Tumwijukye said.

Since Patricia was a student, Fr Tumwijukye asked the students to give their lives to Christ since death is non selective whether young or old.

Aliban Rukundo and Ssemanda Ashraf administrators at Kampala University hailed the fallen Orishaba Patricia for she has been a dedicated and brilliant student.

They called upon the mourners to always behave well emulating Orishaba so that when such a trying moment hits them, the community can give them support.

Simon Peter Sseguya a resident of Luwero who was caretaking Patricia from the time she got an accident until she died at Mulago hospital narrated that she got the accident on Tuesday evening and was first admited at Lacho hospital.

According to Simon Peter, it’s at her sickbed that she told them that she was coming back from the salon when she got the accident.

“Authorities at Lacho told us that she needed two litres of blood before she could be operated yet it wasn’t enough at the facility and they decided to refer us to Mulago hospital where they thought she can get helped” Sseguya noted.

The doctors at Mulago hospital sent them to look for Blood group O- at Nakasero hospital since Mulago was out of stock of Patricia’s required blood group type.

Bernard Mukuumi a father to the deceased showed concern that it’s unfortunate that a facility like Mulago hospital can go out blood stock and people die like flies.

Mukuumi called upon local billionaires to invest in Advanced Medical care system to save Ugandans from ill service delivery in most facilities across the country.

Denis Ngabirano the Southern Division Chairperson in Rukungiri Municipality hailed Mukuumi for being a hard-working man who educated his children and business man working towards the development of the community around him.

Orishaba 23 who breathed her last on Tuesday night, was laid to rest at her Parental home in Nshure cell, Rwakababengo ward, Southern division in Rukungiri Municipality.