CSO concerned with alarming Domestic violence cases in Tororo district


TORORO– The Human Rights and rehabilitation centre organization based in Tororo district has come out to show concern over human rights violations against women and girls in the district on inheritance and acquiring land.

Stakeholders say that domestic Violence normally reduces during first months of the year during the times women are busy engaged in gardens. However the fights and domestic Violence cases erupt during harvesting time as husbands force themselves to selling all the family’s produce they never contributed to in the first stages.

Research indicates that men are always looking at getting money to take to the bars, pork joints and buying prostitutes leaving their families helpless forcing women to resort to cultivating in other people’s gardens in exchange for food and some small money.

Ms Juliet Ayo the Chief Executive Officer overseeing the operations of the organization says that the most affected areas are West Budama in the subcounties of Paya, Sop Sop, Nawire, Nabuyoga and Iyolwa. 

In Tororo county, the cases are common in Mukuju, Akadot and Molo whereas in the outskirts of Tororo Municipality, the cases are common in Bision, Kasoli, Chaminula and Mudakori.

Ms Ayo appreciates the government for woman empowerment but calls for more effort in training the youth especially females between ages of 20 to 30 who opt for ready things that end in tears when their male counterparts run away from responsibilities.

She calls upon the government to consider alignment in Land disputes considering gender based attacks to female siblings and widows, property rights affecting girls, employer employees relationship and unlawful contract termination as well as sexual harassment on jobs and families among others.

Ms Ayo also calls upon the government, Civil Society Organizations, Religious leaders, Political and cultural leaders to sensitise citizens more on how to get letters of administration for most cases originating from land since most gender cases are caused by inheritance related issues.