Home care COVID-19 patients blamed for increased cases in Rukungiri district

Rukungiri District Resident Commissioner (RDC) Nsubuga Bewayo Stephen

RUKUNGIRI– The Rukungiri Resident District Commissioner Mr. Nsubuga Bewayo Stephen has warned the people who test positive for COVID-19 to stop moving around spreading the disease to more people in public.

Mr. Bewayo made the remark yesterday during the district COVID-19 taskforce meeting stressing that such characters will be arrested and charged with spreading the deadly disease intentionally.

The RDC noted that some people who recently tested positive and were sent to home based treatment are currently seen moving and interacting with other members of the public which is dangerous as it continues to spread the scourge the more.

Bewayo tasked the Covid 19 case management and surveillance teams to follow up on the identities of such heartless people so that they are charged accordingly.


In the same meeting, it was observed that people nolonger follow COVID19 Standard Operating Procedures thus appealing to the general public to enforce the guidelines.

The RDC went on to ask people to willingly test for Covid-19 or seek medication in case they are feeling unwell. He revealed that most of general hospitals are accusing Rukungiri district officials of referring to them Covid 19 patients who are in critical situations. 

Rukungiri district currently has 78 cumulative Covid 19 cases and two deaths.