President Museveni appointed Henry Musasizi to rebrand the Finance Ministry


OPINION– The public expenditure has greatly increased and more government new projects will add to the already big budget which may need reform in the Ministry of  Finance Planning and Economic Development  in order to meet all the government needs including new cities and the bigger number of legislators who need to live a luxurious life and support their respective constituencies using government resources. 

H E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni the president of Uganda whose focus has been on economy and security, is trying his best to secure the future of all Ugandans by strengthening the economy for better service delivery. In doing so, he has critically looked at the missing gaps in the Ministry of Finance Planning and Economic Development  where he proposed reforms. 

Recently he discovered a den of thieves who had grabbed Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) and siphoning billions of money to their personal projects. He shocked URA by chasing  thieves who were part of the top management  who included commissioners. 

He  also removed the Commissioner General who failed to URA  from thugs who had developed their own technology of stealing  government money. 

In the last appointment,  president Museveni appointed Hon. Henry Musasizi Aliganyira the MP for Rubanda East in South Western Uganda to the ministry of finance  mainly to  rebrand it  assisting the minister who is overwhelmed by the work load. 

The ministry of finance is a very big  with more than 20 government agencies and government autonomous agencies which are supervised by finance. Musasizi was appointed the  Minister of State General Duties purposely to help and boost the economy using his expertise in finance related issues. 

Musasizi is one of the few Ugandans with experience in International money  transactions which he aquired at the early age working with International organizations  which had links with the  International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank global financial giants. When he entered the parliament,  he was appointed to head the Finance Committee and excelled because of his experience in finance at the advanced level which made him the best performing Chairperson of the time. 

As the Chairperson of the Finance  Committee, he worked closely with  the ministry of Finance and other ministries where he go  more knowledge  on government financial transactions. Ministry of Finance is like the UN, an outsider cannot be appointed to the position of the  Secretary General to cause any reform because of its complicated systems. 

He  must come from within in order to cause change. When president Museveni wanted to rebrand the Ministry of Finance, he appointed Musasizi who has been working collaborating with  the Ministry when serving as the  Chairperson of the finance committee. He an opportunity  to  interacted with all afliated agencies and ministries. 

Musasizi appointment to rebrand the Ministry of Finance did not come by surprise. The president through his security agencies discovered that in the Ministry of Finance there were some officials who were enriching themselves using  government resources and well networked with parliament and other agencies. He was so bitter and decided to appoint patriotic cadres who will work to his expectations. Henry Musasizi is his hope to rebrand the Ministry and boost the economy which is so demanding.  

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has heard the demands of Banyakigezi  about  senior leaders who  are phasing out in the  government  and there is no sign of grooming young and dynamic leaders to replace the old  regime. Kigezi has always had great men in top government  leadership like Rt. Hon. Ruhakana Rugunda, Rt. Hon. Amama Mbabazi, Prof. Mondo Kagonyera, Hon. Dr Philemon Mateke, Prof. George William Kanyeihamba and others. Many senior civil servants have retired and others  almost reaching the government exit door. 

Most politicians who used to be vocal are retired like Hon. Shem Bageine, Hon. Stephen Bamwanga, Hon. Dr. Stanley Kinyatta,  Hon. Trace Bucanayondi and a number of Judges. There is a big worry about the replacement plan of great men from Kigezi.

It is believed that Musasizi is among the young leaders to be groomed from Kigezi and given ladders to climb to the top. He has been identified because of his Political  background. 

He entered in Rubanda Politics as a young man and broke the record by  winning  Rubanda East  MP seat on the first attempt. He won a prominent cabinet  Minister which gave him fame.  He penetrated to the grassroot using the  Chinese rural development theories.  His second  term was a walk over where he tossed men who were loaded with money of all colors. 

He promised to break the record and  win the third term. He also excelled at the NRM elections where a combination of many forces made a serious joint campaign but he sailed through and won as Rubanda District first  NRM Chairperson. He has united Rubanda more than before in this new term. 

He was being watched how he united Rubanda and penetrated all churches, which made him  a dearling to  Anglicans  and Catholics. He supported churches  equally as he worked for youths and women through different community projects. Musasizi  supported education from primary to university. He introduced incentives for pupils who performed well at P7 and registered remarkable achievements in academic excellency. His background connected him well at the national level where he helped the government on  boosting domestic  tax base handles issues under his Finance  committee professionally.

Ministry of Finance Planning and Economic Development where he will exhibit his skills and talents,  is a government industry which drives all ministries  focussing on policy guidance, coordination of development planning, mobilisation of public resources and insuring effective accountability for the benefit of all Ugandans. 

Musasizi will work closely with Hon. Matia Kasaija to supervise the ministry together with other  appointed state ministers. They will work with  a core team of top management which is headed by  the genius Keith Muhakanizi the permanent secretary and Secretary to the Treasury. 

Other top leaders include;- Patrick Ocailap Deputy Secretary to the Treasury, Keneth Mugambe Director Budget, Kagwa Moses Director Economic Affairs, Mrs. Muhumuza Jennifer Director Treasury and Asset Management, Dr. Sengozi Damulira Under Secretary, Laurence Semakula Accountant General and more others.

His duties will stretch beyond the Ministry to afliated agencies some which are autonomous which  include;- Uganda Revenue Authority, Bank of Uganda, National Planning Authority, Uganda Investment Authority, Uganda Development Bank, Uganda Microfinance Regularly Authority, Capital Markets Authority, The Insurance Regularly Authority, Financial Intelligence Authority, National Social Security Fund, Microfinance Support Centre LTD, Auditor General’s Office, Private Sector Development Unit, Uganda Bureau of Standards and others.

Hon. Henry Musasizi is a young Politician to watch from Kigezi especially greater Kabale and the new hope for Uganda’s economy based on his past positive record. He is set to reform the Ministry of Finance which is the focus of  president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni as he plans to secure the future of all Ugandans through better service delivery.

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