Tororo residents resort to porous borders to beat inter-district movement ban


TORORO– As the police continue conducting operations across Tororo district to stop gatherings and sensitizing the public on adherence to COVID-19 SOPs, porous boarders have turned the main entry into the district.

In Molo sub county that borders Manafa district, businessmen have resorted to using short cuts along the surrounding villages around to have access to Tororo town .

Carlight sub county which is located in Tororo County South with its last village known as Osmit 50 meters to Namisindwa district and on the eastern side, the last village is Owesit to Bunyiza in manafa district no security personnel Manning borders between Kenya and the two districts.

The Carlight sub county district councillor Hon Joshua Omella says he is worried by the operation of the market which was held on Friday last week even after the Presidential address and even on Monday the June 14th, 2021. 

Omella says that the unfortunate part of it is that these people don’t observe Standard Operating Procedures like putting on facemasks or even social distancing.

“We have on several times called upon the the district police administration to set a police post but nothing has since been done up to now” says Omella.

Omella is worried more of the Youth and teenagers  who move up and down in shopping centres, gathering to play cards, alcoholism and doing all sorts of drama. He appeals to the group to stop and desist from such acts if they are to escape this scourge.

In Osukuru, Kasipido to Busia district, the Osukuru Town Council Chairperson calls for calm amongst the residents especially those with gardens in the neighbouring district of Busia to wait until the situation normalises.

He wants them to liase with friends to take care of their gardens so that they can pay them either by cash or kind when harvesting is done other than routine manoeuvering around that can lead them to contracting the scourge.

Ofono Toto the Osukuru Sub County Chairperson calls for vigillance amongst residents in reporting new people to his office so that the situation is handled before it’s out of hand.

Other borders to Bugiri is in Nabuyoga, Paya to Butaleja, Nagongera to Busolwe in Butaleja all these points have been seriously manned by police.

The state of business in the district looks seriously affected by the 42 days of COVID-19 restrictions under which blocking of inter-district movement leaving the business community stuck especially those with perishable goods.

According to the regional police public relations officer Mugwe Moses, they have put all efforts in ensuring adharance to the COVID19 SOPs in all borders to Bugiri district a case in point Nabuyoga-Paya to Butaleja, Nagongera to Busolwe in Butaleja are all being manned.

Mugwe says they have put efforts to close all markets in the four sub counties of Nagongera, Pajwenda, Iyolwa and Kisoko sensitisation is ongoing to ensure that the community gets rid of this monster.

He wants all the residents of Tororo and Bukedi regions to safeguard themselves from the scourge other than waiting for the Police to force them to observe Standard Operating Procedures like putting on facemasks, social distancing among others.