Rtd Bishop Tugume Appointed the North Kigezi Diocese Caretaker Bishop


RUKUNGIRI– The Archbishop of the Province of Church of Uganda His Grace Stephen Kaziimba Mugalu has appointed retired Bishop Tugume Tusingwire the caretaker Bishop of North Kigezi Diocese.

Archbishop Kaziimba made the announcement during today’s funeral and burial of the Rt. Rev. Benon Magezi at Emmanuel Cathedral, Rukungiri. 

Bishop Magezi died on 15th June at Mulago Hospital after being diagnosed with Covid-19. 

According to the Constitution and Canons of the Church of Uganda, when a diocese falls vacant, the Archbishop automatically becomes the Bishop of the Diocese and takes on all ecclesiastical authority. The Archbishop may, however, appoint a retired Bishop to serve on his behalf as a Caretaker Bishop. 

Bishop Tugume retired as the Bishop of North Kigezi on 8th January 2017 when he handed over to Bishop Benon Magezi as his successor. Bishop Tugume brings a wealth of experience, local knowledge, and spiritual maturity to the role.

Archbishop Kaziimba called for people to pray for the family of Bishop Benon Magezi and support them whenever in need especially the life they are starting without their parent.