Why keep the borders open to let in COVID-19 and force Ugandans to suffer imported problem? Dan Matsiko stings Tibuhaburwa


OPINION– President Museveni is  not serious. Why keep the country borders open to let in COVD-19 and force citizens to suffer in their respective districts because of your own imported problem. 

Why not close borders of this country and even lock down regions or sub regions? When you have keys of Bank of Uganda for 35 years you rarely think that there are citizens who are living from hand to mouth. 

Citizens who can not even afford food, medicine, transport and even other necessities .Indeed in one of his outbursts, Yoweri Museveni is on record for blasting Ugandans that they should not talk because they can not afford food for themselves as if he buys them food plus as if he does not know he is 80% responsible for the poverty, joblessness and corruption in this country. 

Leaders who only think of themselves and brag for being better than  the citizens lead  are not leaders but sadists in this day and age. Lockdowns are good if they are done following strict warnings and serious considerations.

You can’t  wake up and lock districts , chase all learners from their schools and force them into crowded transport terminals without considering the healthy  risks involved. Imagine, as a leader, he knew some schools had been infected and as he locked down schools there was no orderly or organized way of doing it.

Personally, I think he should have began closing primary schools in 3 days, Secondary schools also given 3 days to go home  Colleges , three days and Universitiesin the same manner  in phases. Then after education, he should have left public transportation to remain open in sub regions or regions like it was done in Kenya. 

Central region Should have remained open fully with serious screening at the entrances of the region because of major health amenities being located in the area. Testing and Identifying those already sick at regional borders and ministry of health managed roadblocks should have come into effect immediately. 

Temporary  Isolation centres put up to hold those already with the virus. The biggest mistake the President did was to allow uncontrolled movements in the four days he gave for citizens to sort out themselves. It was dangerous and caused more problems than bringing solutions. Those with the virus ended up taking  it to those without. 

Children infected in schools went with the sickness to their parents in their respective districts and certainly villages and homes. Yet the Ministry of health should have put up checking and isolation centres at every school to save the population from missing up with those already infected.

The other serious interventions including, Letting economic activities continue with serious screening and following of SOPS religiously and ceaselessly by the population.

Massive sensitization of citizens by leaders, ministry of health, education, information and ICT to change the trend of infections. 

This Corona thing should not be a Political game by the ruling party to score mileages before the unsuspecting citizens. Let us have ears to listen and think through everything we do for this country. I can go on and on but let me listen to the media round table for now NBS TV.

Thank you.Dan Matsiko is NT party leader.07814782860757175741