PSFU rallies Manufacturers, Factory Welders to lend Oxygen Gas Cylinders to Govt


KAMPALA– One of the leading factors that has caused death of COVID – 19 patients in Uganda has been limited supply of Oxgyen to the those in the medical facilities and at home.

There has been advoc intervention both from the Government of Uganda and private players to heed to the call of the president.

On behalf of the business wing, the Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU) has called upon manufacturers and factory welders to compliment Government efforts to treat the critically ill Ugandans currently in hospitals by lending some cylinders to Government so that they can have more oxygen for patients.

While addressing, the nation on Friday June 18, His Excellency the President noted that the severely and critically ill COVID-19 patients have more than doubled straining the available oxygen supply. Current national daily oxygen consumption stands at 3,000 cylinders per day, where each cylinder is 6,800 litres.

The current oxygen challenge we are facing as a Country is the availability of empty cylinders for distribution. Oxygen is produced, but cylinders are not enough for the increasing number of patients in need of the  oxygen.

“As we speak today, the Country’s medical facilities don’t have sufficient oxygen to help the big number of COVID-19 patients.” Said Hon Elly Karuhanga, Chairman PSFU.

“What is missing are the Cylinders into which the manufactured oxygen is packed and administered to patients. Our country has capacity to produce sufficient oxygen gas. Let’s support Government now with empty cylinders, and save lives of our fellow Ugandans.” He added.

He clarified that they are looking for Gas cylinders [large-6.8cbm/45L, medium-3.6cbm/24L, small-1.36cbm/9L) b) Portable oxygen cylinders c) Cylinder trolleys.

Karuhanga encouraged those interested to deliver the cylinders clearly labelled with identification marks starting Monday, June 21, 2021 between 9.00am –  4.00pm at their offices located in Kampala, Plot 43 Nakasero Road or contact Ms. Hellen Awidi on or call 

The  will receive them and pass them over to health facilities. Upon ending of this crisis, PSFU will return your Cylinders.

Some of other players that have chipped in include Roofings LTD, Uganda People’s Defence Forces among others though  alot of  support is needed to take fort.

Let’s  all come through  so that we can make this history!