COVID-19 DEATHS: Bishop Twinomujuni shares key notes to handle Coronavirus pain


BUSHENYI– Beloved, there’s no doubt that the pain is getting deeper as we continue to receive bad news of the passing on of our beloved and holding ‘trimmed’ funerals and burials. 

A number of us continue to be affected, and we ache with the bereaved families, as we face the unpredictable future.

Under these circumstances, shock, panic and pain can likely affect some, and others even so severely. Therefore I advise us as follows:

1. Expect to hear bad news, but hope not to. This will help you to absorb the shock, in case you hear what you least expected. Many, some of whom you’re very close to, are in their homes sick, but silent.

2. In case someone close dies, because you can’t even reach there to express empathy, pain can be overwhelming. So, it’s ok to cry in your house and let out the pain. Use your phone to register your sympathy.

3. Even amidst such pain, pray for the bereaved. Encourage them to find solace in the Lord. Remember they’re to handle burial details almost alone. The Lord will give them strength to stand.

4. Care for your health. Eat and drink enough to keep your levels of energy high. Care to boost your immunity.

At the close of each day, or anytime during the course of it, get off the phone and rest! Put your head and heart down. Remember that our bodies are vulnerable, especially this time round. Long exposure to sad and negative news shall affect functionality of your brain and thus your body systems. Get off the phone and that news!

5. Do something different – positive and energizing. Play some heartwarming music, exercise, read an inspiring novel, watch some entertaining video, or an educative documentary. Do some manual work around the house, at the farm, or anywhere else where it is safe.

6. Have time with God. Read His word and meditate upon it. Ask Him to speak to you personally, and teach you lessons from these times. You’ll get amazed at what you can discover and learn.

7. Stay home, please! Move only if you must. Get serious with observing the SOPs. The circumstances are not normal. There’s danger ‘around the corner’! Okwekyengyera ti butiini, n’obwengye.

8. Leave the situation to the Lord. The world is His. Trusting him and casting your anxiety to him will give you strong shock and pain absorbers.

9. Repent and put your house and soul in order. Get saved, if you haven’t. Do it, not out of fear or on condition, but out of obedience to God and His desire for your life. Remember that of COVID-19 or not, we shall one time leave this world. In him, we don’t fear. We’re sure that our future is secure!

10. Find comfort in facts. Millions are still healthy, and thousands are getting healed. Don’t follow emotions. It is facts that correspond with reality. So know the truth and thank God.

11. Share and communicate what you’ve found to be of help amidst this situation.

Let’s continue praying for one another. Let’s keep positive and hopeful. Even this shall pass!

Blessings to you all!

Rt. Rev. Johnson Twinomujuni is the Bishop of West Ankole Anglican Diocese