Dr Diana Atwine, MoH, here is why Ugandans are calling you thieves


OPINION– Dear Diana Atwine, receive my warm greetings on your own behalf and on behalf of government servants in Uganda.

My letter is written in respect to the recent outbursts you made in media and the crocodile tears you cried accusing Ugandans of calling you thieves.

I write this letter to you, not as an individual but rather as a representative of government officials especially those you spoke for. Any accusations or allegations made should not be taken personal as they are directed to the fraternity you presumably spoke for. 

If you found it comfortable to shield them or plead for them in relation to accusations levelled against them, kindly accept to be their lead counsel and shork absorber of my words which you are at liberty to interpretate as an attack.

Whereas our laws say that every body is innocent until proven or pleads quilty before courts of laws, allow me to invoke our principle as public opinion court which says that “one is guilty until he or she demonstrates innocence”, for that matter therefore allow me to call you theives until you prove otherwise.

Dr Diana, I know it surely annoys whenever we call you theives, this is because your vice has  enjoyed the privilege of good names like corruption, embeselment, conflict of interest, causing financial loss etc.

Time has come and Ugandans have been disgusted and have decided to call a spade a spade and that’s why we now call you deservedly names like theives, looters, thugs etc.

Dr Diana, it was recently reported that a company owned by Sharlote Kainerugaba and Ishta Asimwe both daughters of Sam Kutesa had signed a contract worth 6.4bn to provide 450 oxygen cylinders and other accessories. Despite having received full payment by June 2020 they had delivered nothing by September and in a news story aired on NTV instead of demanding that they deliver as per contract you instead defended them claiming that they were entitled to do business in Uganda. 

How would you pay 100% for a service and three months later it is not delivered?  if that is not theft how would you call that?  How comes other service providers are paid after delivery? How comes frontline health workers are demanding allowances for months yet they worked but you have the audacity to pay someone who hasn’t done anything? So do you want Ugandans to call you angels?

Appearing in media before starving Ugandans and you demand for a good name that you haven’t earned was so disgusting and was the worst level of arrogance that you could display! 

Ugandans have had enough of you, some of us feel a lot of stench when some of you open your mouths to speak! The lies, the empty promises, the threats, defending undefendable etc have reached our throats, that all we would wish to hear is that you have resigned!

According to the auditor general report, over 143bn was spent without following proper procurement guidelines, so, Diana how would you want us to term this since the word theft is not good for you? Should we call it thuggery? looting? plundering?

Honestly, you locked the country for the whole year; people in intertainment Industry have never got a breath, people’s businesses collapsed, their properties confiscated by banks and money lenders, political rights and democtacy sacrificed in the name of Covid,  school children defiled, domestic violence increased, education halted, everything went on stand still, all in the name of citizens obeying their government so that it can prepare it’self.

Instead of preparing the country by stocking hospitals, rebuilding the economy you went on a looting spree and raising hotels and arcades!

Today we are in a bigger crisis, people are being charged millions to buy oxygen while dead bodies are being confiscated demanding millions in what has turned to be the most lucrative business of our times!

Your ministry is just an onlooker if not a cheerleader as regime cronies that own these hospitals wreck havoc and terror on Ugandans.

Public hospitals have not only turned  into death traps but also a lucrative and exploitative business for mortuary attendants, at this rate you people are about to monopolize the business of selling coffins since greed is part of your DNA!

You have locked Ugandans helplessy starving in their homes with their children, a few are either being brutalised or extorted by your money minting machines called security on the road brokes as they attempt to enter the city or cross to neighboring districts to make ends meet!

You deceived us with stimulus packages, billions were allocated, nothing is reflected on ground!

With no food, no money, no utility services, others being harrased by their landlords in their homes with the banks waiting for them at their work places, you come out to the media making such empty utterances? 

Why have you taken Ugandans patience for granted? Is it because you think they are too gullible or blind to see how you people have plundered our country or is it because you have the military power to crush them should they dissent? Is it because you are sure Ugandans are too weak to organise themselves to storm your office asking for food or else they eat you alive? 

Kindly Dr Diana leave us alone, you or your people can enjoy your loot without involving suffering Ugandans, the day the marginalised people whom you call “back word people” wake up to the reality of how you have mistreated them, you will not even cross your home to office, you will ask for the ground to open and swallow you in vain and it will mark the end of the NRM reign and your arrogance!

Muhimbise George, muhimbiseg@gmail.com,0787836515The author is a member of the Alliance for National Transformation Publicity Committee.