Minister Janet Museveni sends message of hope to youth amidst Closure of Schools


KAMPALA– The Uganda’s first lady Janet Kataha Museveni has expressed love to the Young people and Children of Uganda that resolved to call her Maama by choice.

“To those young people and children of Uganda who resolved to call me Maama by choice. I hear you call each other guys, well today I want to tell you that I love you guys!” First lady Janet Kataha Museveni 

In her communication on official Twitter account,  Janet noted that  for some time she was puzzled about how in the world she could reach a critical mass of young people to dialogue about life as she did with the generation that she believe is now the young parents of the school going children.

Janet says she recently had her 73rd birthday and on that special day she was overwhelmed with the blessing of love and the numerous messages and good wishes saying, “Happy Birthday Maama!”

She then realized that this social media which has become notorious for spreading fake news and hate messages can actually, through the grace of God, be used for good to teach wholesome knowledge to guide children of the next generation.

This prompted her to make a maiden  Communications to  the Young people in which she termed weekly dialogue. 
“Therefore, in the link below is my maiden communication to you in what I hope will become our weekly dialogue.”- First lady Janet Kataha Museveni

Below presents “Maama’s” weekly dialogue….