Fake Labor Companies: Ruparelia Group joins labor exportation to save Ugandans from con stars


KAMPALA– A total of eight labor exporting companies lost their licenses recently. The ministry of Gender and Labor stripped the companies off their licenses for allegedly engaging in human trafficking and for conning Ugandans looking to find jobs in the Middle East.

The companies whose labor export licenses were terminated are Middle East Consultants in Muyenga, Elite Placement Consulting in Kitintale, Eagle Supervision Limited in Wakaliga, Ridars Uganda Limited in Bukoto, Al Saudi Agency Limited in Kibuye- Salaama Road, Forbes Enterprises, Fly International Jobs Limited, HBM International Recruitment and Top Notch Recruitment Services Limited.

Jobs are hard to come by in Uganda. Many Ugandans are consequently trying the Middle East, or elsewhere across borders, for jobs that are elusive back home. Some of our people sell their valuable property, such as land, to find money to make the trip.

To lose money in pursuit of a job in Uganda, can therefore be one’s biggest nightmare. Yet many are Ugandans who are losing their hard – earned money day in and day out, to fast-talking conmen, posing as labor exporters.

Premier Recriutment Yes, there are rotten apples among the labor exporters, just like there are rotten apples in the midst of other businesses. All is not lost, though. There are faithful labor exporters and are ready to find you that dream job you have been fervently praying for. One such reliable labor recruitment company is Premier Recruitment Services. Why do we think so? Kindly, spare time to read on.

Where are they found? Premier recruitment, (PR) has a permanent home at Plot 30 Crane Chambers on Kampala Road. PR is part and parcel of the famed Ruparelia Group of companies, the owner of Crane Chambers, among hundreds of such high value properties. In a sum, PR isn’t about to shift offices, or disappear, just like the so-called labor exporters operating on the streets, or from the dark alleys, waiting to lay hands on your money, and then disappear without trace.

Registered PR is duly registered with the registrar general of companies. So, it isn’t a briefcase (read fake) company you can’t sue to seek redress from, if anything go wrong. And since the firm can be sued, its promoters take care to act professionally and ethically in order to avoid bad public relations that accrues from court action.

Licensed: The firm is duly licensed by the line Gender and Labor ministry. As such, PR is permitted, and legally so, to engage in the business of labor recruitment for the domestic as well as foreign market. But, most importantly, the government of Uganda, through the ministry of gender and labor, monitors PR for purposes of protecting the rights and interests of the people it recruits for jobs.

The ministry won’t hesitate, and PR knows very well, to take disciplinary measures such as recalling the operating license it granted to the firm, in case it screws people who go to it looking for jobs, or engages in malpractices such as human trafficking.

Thankfully, the firm hasn’t conned anyone, or engaged in any form of criminality for that matter, otherwise the licensing ministry wouldn’t have hesitated to terminate its operating license, as it cancelled licenses for the eight firms above. This is why we can recommend PR, and safely so, as one of the most credible and ethical labor exporter around, to any person seeking to find a job.

Foreign Offices: PR isn’t merely a broker for job placement firms abroad. It has offices in the Middle East, for instance. The beauty in this is that the Uganda job placement firm is possessed of the added advantage of studying the job market in the foreign lands first hand.That way, they don’t go gambling about jobs they are not sure exist since they are on the ground where the jobs are. 

Also, the firm’s offices in foreign lands can easily monitor the people they source employment for and attend to their work related concerns more easily than their counterparts who don’t have offices where they send people to work.

Reliable Foreign Partners: Where they don’t have offices in foreign lands, they have reliable partners who scout for jobs for them. Those partners are registered and licensed in the countries they work from and so are operating legally. Even so, PR don’t take the information they receive from those foreign partners to be the gospel truth. They ask for proof of the existence of the jobs before inviting people in need of jobs to put in applications.

Medical Insurance: The people PR provides people it finds jobs for, enjoy a free medical cover in the event they have fall sick at the place of work. Enough said? No… Unlike other exporting companies, PR gives its people return tickets when they want to return to their country and this, without an extra fee. Lastly, while other companies provide training to its people at a fee, PR provides training at no cost.