Here are 3 parts a lady expects you to touch but won’t tell you


LIFESTYLE– If you actually want to know about your partner’s desires, you must first have a genuine connection with them.

Women are traditionally viewed as meek and submissive in relationships, which contributes to their being less vocal about their demands. That’s because mature guys are attractive to women because they provide exactly what they desire without even saying a word.

As a result of reading this, you will know the three aspects of a woman that she wishes you to focus on, but she is not going to let you know about them.

She was facing away from him

A young guy should stroke a woman’s back to reduce stress and anxiety since it will make her feel better. Most women love to be tickled on their backs, especially by you. It makes sense because it’s expected that you will touch their back.

Don’t have to be brilliant at massage to respond to this expectation. To relieve tension, all you need to do is care.

Her hair is long and flowing.

For the most part, women love receiving compliments on their appearance, especially when you tell them how beautiful they look or how smart they are. However, women prefer to hear compliments on their looks. A gratitude expression such as stroking your fingers through their hair is one way they anticipate that you will express your gratitude.

The majority of women spend significant time on their hair in order to make themselves more appealing, although their attractiveness is sometimes demonstrated through their hair.

As you notice that she has styled her hair, stroke it, and then tell her how lovely she looks.

Her feet were gorgeous.

Women frequently labor themselves to fatigue, whether it’s doing housework at home or at the office, and because of this, they want you to massage their feet and touch them, caressing them in order to help them feel better. When ladies are doing housekeeping, they are frequently on their feet for a long time, and this often creates hurting feet. In this circumstance, you are expected to massage the feet and alleviate them of the agony.