Schools set to reopen next year as government vows not to lift lockdown soon


KAMPALA– The hopes of Schools reopening soon hang in balance as the government seems not ready to lift the lockdown measures soon though the numbers of recoveries seem increasing day by day.

Uganda on Sunday June 18th 2021 closed schools and institutions of high learning after the country started recording a high number of COVID-19 cases.

President Yoweri Museveni in a televised address directed for the immediate closure of schools for 42 days, effective on June 7 at 8 A.M. He said the country has experienced an increased number of clusters of infections in schools since March, with a total of 948 reported cases in 43 schools from 22 districts.

Ugandans hoped for a near Schools reopening program given the fact that the country is on the truck of winning the virus.

However, President Yoweri Museveni on Thursday said that Uganda should not rush to lift COVID-19 related restrictions, warning that any haste in removing preventative measures could undo their work so far.

“The problem is not the virus, it is us! We are the ones carrying the virus, it does not carry itself,” the President who presided over the swearing in ceremony of the 15 ministers who missed out last month said.

The President said with discipline,” we could have avoided the second wave completely but because of indiscipline, this pushed the number of deaths from 200 dead people from the beginning to the current almost 2000″.

“That is why we had to launch another lockdown. From what I’m hearing, this is already slowing down the spread. In Cabinet, they told me that the lockdown is working. It is doing wonders for in stopping the virus”.

“Before, when they check 100 people for corona, 17 would be having the virus. But now because of the lockdown, when they check 100, only 8-10 people are positive. It has already worked. The logic is, freeze where you are! Do not move except for categories we allowed including cargo, security, medical etc,” he said.

Another set back was when President Museveni said they are working very hard to import vaccines stressing that the economy will be fully reopened once atleast 50% of Ugandans are vaccinated.

“Vaccines are not in short supply but are shared badly. Some people want to solve their problems first before they look at ours. It’s not Christian, but now we know that people who say they are Christians are not… and it’s a good lesson. That’s why we are working very had to develop our own vaccines. We shall either bring investors to produce vaccines here or develop our own vaccines. Some of our scientists are working on therapeutics. They have used some indigenous knowledge, which is abundant to get items that seem to be curing some of these people. But we shall confirm that and announce formally and funding these people,” he said.

Todate, Uganda has registered cumulative of 87,277 cases, 2104 death, 61,304 recoveries and 996 COVID-19 patients admitted on different facilities.

He said the country can exploit the pathogenic economy to get more money.

“You can make money dealing with germs than growing coffee, bananas, or cows. People who specialize in germs and health etc get a lot of money, much more than coffee and cattle. We are learning now and are going to make money from germs,” he said.

The President said that it was unfortunate they did not exploit the ebola pandemic to get a vaccine.

“I was very angry with these people. We were the ones who started with ebola here in the world. Ebola is ours. How is it that other people made a vaccine for ebola when we are just sitting here! We are really waking up and fortunately we have educated a lot of our young people. They really, if helped, there is nothing they can not do. We shall defeat the corona,” he said.

He appealed to Ugandans to stop the arguments and be advised to follow the science.

“Be patient. Don’t rush around and don’t panic. This is not like AIDs which is not easy to cure. With corona, even the body can defeat it without medicine ..and with medicines many can be cured and it can be avoid,” he said.

This however is not the take of the Education and sports Ministry.