UNEB withholds examination results of 2,220 candidates


KAMPALA– The  Uganda National Examinations Board has released Primary Leaving examinations (PLE) results.

The UNEB Chairperson Mary Okwakol said statistics on registration show that the number of registered candidates went up with a larger percentage than ever before. This was contrary to expectation and so the Board undertook a study to find out the reason for this increase.

Okwakol revealed that One of the findings is that in the districts of Kampala, Wakiso and some urban centres elsewhere, a number of headteachers admitted that they registered Primary Six pupils, mostly girls, to sit the 2020 PLE.

Dan Odongo the Executive Secretary UNEB revealed that over 68% of the candidates (513,091) are products of the Universal Primary Education program.

By gender, girls are the majority at 53% (395,855) while 353,956 (47%) are boys thus increasing by 7.5%.

Out of these, 58 were inmates who sat for their exams from Luzira Maxim State Peneteniary.

In performance, Odongo says there was an overall better performance in English and there is a slight decrease in performance in Maths and the rest have remained the same.

“More children have qualified to proceed to post-primary than the previous year.” – Dan Odongo (UNEB).

Odongo added that the children in urban centers perform better than their counterparts in the villages.

“We have given reasons why but the most outstanding is that there is parents’ involvement in the urban centers.” – Dan Odongo (UNEB)

Odongo Went on to reveal that there were many cases of suspected assistance of the candidates inside the exam rooms.

He said some were arrested impersonating the children, doing the exams for them adding that examination results of 2,220 candidates have been withheld.

“The highest numbers of withheld results are from the Rwenzori region. The board will release the names of the children whose results are held and will be given a fair hearing.” – Dan Odongo (UNEB)

Odongo thanked the heads of security for giving them their personnel who ensured the exams were done safely. He also thanked the media and lastly schools that gave them their premises to mark the exams.

Dr. Joyce Kaduccu Minister of state for Education and Sports (primary education) appealed to the schools and parents not to organize celebrations because of COVID19.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic disruptions, the total number of the candidates were above the 2019 figure of 695,468 with a range of over 10,000 candidates.