“I was glad when I heard the sad news of your attack, I danced a celebratory dance” Stella Nyanzi to Kamasanyu


KAMPALA- The former Kampala District Woman Parliamentary Aspirant Dr. Stella Nyanzi has penned down a poem on the attack of the Buganda Road court Magistrate Gladys Kamasanyu.

Kamasanyu was attacked last evening by yet to be known assailants over the issues still unknown to the public.

The FDC lady has since come out to pen down a poem as reproduced here below


Aaaaaah Gladys Kamasanyu, I was gladWhen I heard the sad news of your attack. You see Magistrate of mine, I was not sad When I heard of your clobbering and bad luck.
I danced a celebratory dance of the mad,The immoral woman in me gave not a fuck!I am that girl whose poem you judged hard.

And imprisoned me for 18 months: back-to-back.I am that writer whose poem you deemed bad And you flicked out my lights; making me dark.

I am the woman who miscarried on your watch Yet you declared I looked like one without lack.I am thousands of innocent suspects on your pad,Sentenced unjustly to make you a buck…I am millions of tired oppressed Ugandans

Who thirst for liberation from your unjust pack!Aaaaaah Gladys Kamasanyu, what a nerd!I praise God’s vengeance meted on your back!Aaaah Your Worship, I am dancing like I’m madI won’t tell lies; I’m overjoyed at your bad luck!

***Who are the motorbike-assassins targeting Ugandans in power in broad daylight? Who are the motorbike-assassins aiming and missing, these days? Who are these motorbike-assassins shooting to wound instead of shooting to kill? Who are these motorbike-assassins that repeatedly cause me to break out into poems flowing thick and hard?

If you want to charge, try, convict and sentence me no (once again) for this heartfelt poem, come and find me in Bavaria where poets are protected from lawless dictatorial regimes!!! I write what I want.