Business Community vows to sue leaders over plans to halt council operations


NEWS– A section of the business community in Malaba have resolved to sue the town council Chairperson, his cabinet and the speaker over abuse of office and intending to cause delay in service delivery.

This is as a result of a letter written to the chief administrative officer on the 19th July 2021.

The leaders on spot are Orono Andrew Mugisha the Town Council chairperson, Deputy chairperson Kayanga Rose, Speaker Hon Odie Julius, Secretary of education and health Hon Oyese Charles, Secretary of production Hon Mbabazi Amina and Secretary for works Hon Ekode James Peter.

According to the business community, these leaders are planning to halt the continued service delivery in Malaba by the town council technocrats. A copy of letter from Tuesday meeting accessed by reporter indicated an uncertainty over public funds handlers and halting transactions on the council account for the time being.

One of the members present in the meeting who preferred anonymity claimed that the former senior internal auditor Wycliffe Zehereyo commonly known as Kyakunya, the retired town  Clerk Orono Francis and Christine Akaroy manipulated the system when they signed a five year contract which they are benefiting from now.

Orono approved a five year contract in correction of ground rent upto 2025 but renewable annually.

Our reporter established that some of the accused are currently at loggerhead with Uryek Wun Walter the Malaba Town Council Clerk faulting him for trying to stop civil servants and politicians from acquiring contracts of utilities.

Wun took over office last year upon the retirement of his predecessor and long serving town clerk Orono Francis though his academic qualifications are doubted.

However, our reporter established that Wun holds a Bachelor’s in Arts and social sciences, certificate in administration law, post graduate diploma in public administration and management.

He also holds a Master’s degree in Health service management, Master’s degree in BA and another Master’s in gender and women studies in addition to other trainings.

The business community believes that this is the right man for the management of such a growing town and business hub.

The business community argue that since he took over office, he has tried to fight the garbage problem and worked on the systematic bureaucracy in the council.

The business community questioned how the acting position is connected to financial management wondering how the Town Council boss and and his team are bending it towards tribalism.

Another source in the meeting narrated that the letter was generated to show divergent shoulders between the political and the technical wings in the town council.

He said Uganda Revenue authority (URA) pays to the council a ground rent of UGX 241M every financial year and there is a lot of pressure by the political wing to use the money at source.

However according to the new financial regulations from the Ministry of finance, all revenues collected by Administrative units should be forwarded to the consolidated account before the Ministry releases it back to the units for use.

Wun as an administrator is being faulted secretly by the political wing who think he is not qualified for the position he currently holds at the town council.

A source adds that wun is being haunted by self seekers since he stopped some filthy dealings in the town council.

The town treasurer Akaroyit Christine is on the other being faulted to be corrupt because of directly collecting taxes from the public.

The district Councillors representing Malaba town council Hon Leonard Maombo and Scovia Nabudi Opaye distanced themselves from the current mess stressing that they were not aware of such a move by the two wings.

The duo faults whoever that is behind this move as a danger to the community.

The district councillors now warn the chairperson and his team to stop this mess as early as possible since it’s likely to confuse the system instead of fast tracking their town council’s service delivery.

The chief administrative officer Danstan Mbalaba promised to meet the aggrieved leaders and come up with a lasting solution on the issue.