42 year old Private teacher rotting in Kitagata Hospital with diabetic foot


SHEEMA– Edgar Ayebazibwe, 42 , a resident of Katwe village, Kyabandaara ward, Central division in SHEEMA Municipality is stuck in Kitagata hospital and appeals to the well wishers for help to raise 10M needed for the surgery of his left leg.

Ayebazibwe who is currently admitted at Kitagata hospital is battling diabetic foot that has had his left foot cut off due to the infection he contracted a few days ago. 

He is said to have contracted the scourge while in the neighbouring Rwanda where he’s been working as a private school teacher and after only three days, the foot had started rotting.

Ayebazibwe told our reporter that he was first admitted at Kabwohe health centre 4 after his transfer from Rwanda just days ago with the infection but later referred to Kitagata hospital where his foot was cut off as it had started rotting and the whole leg was already infected.

He notes that what is instilling much fear in him is that he has already suffered stroke of his right leg and the fingernails are rotting.

Ziporah Tumwiine, his wife narrates that they used all the money they had on her husband’s accounts on transportation from Rwanda last week leaving them with nothing to take them to Entebbe for further medication.

By the time our reporter arrived at Kitagata hospital, health workers were tirelessly attending to Ayebazibwe.

Dr. Biraali Mugarura, a diabetes expert at the facility revealed to our reporter that Ayebazibwe is suffering from diabetic foot which is caused by diabetes.

According to Dr. Mugarura, this disease has no cure but the patient is only given medicines which reduce germs’ resistance and then cut off all the affected parts to avoid them from infecting others.  

He stresses that Ayebazibwe has already been overwhelmed by the disease as his right leg has also been infected just few days after his left foot was cut off.

Anyone willing to help Ayebazibwe, can reach him through his contacts 0782266721 OR 0704653018 all in his names Ayebazibwe Edgar.