RUKUNGIRI: S. 4 student impregnates, dumps handicapped girl


RUKUNGIRI– A 22 year old handicapped woman is living a hard life after she was dumped by a senior four student who impregnated her 11 months ago.

The woman is identified as Kyampire Praise a resident of Nyarubungye cell, in Kikongyi parish, Bwambara Sub County in Rukungiri district.

Kyampire says she was impregnated and dumped by a senior four village mate she didn’t disclose to our reporter who later abandoned her because she is disabled.

Kyampire who is currently taking care of a month old baby girl revealed that she is living in unfavorable life where she is not sure whether the child will grow up in good health over failure to provide basic needs.

She narrated that ever since she gave birth, her husband has never come to see the baby or provide any assistance to her.

She however decried the cost of non-reusable pampers and other necessities needed to care for her child on a daily basis which are quite expensive to her as a disabled mother hence requesting well-wisher to intervene and help her.


Mbiine Midius, the mother and Kyampire’s caretaker said she is facing hard times to single handedly provide all necessities to her daughter who is now a mother given other responsibilities she has to look after.

After being tipped on this, Ambrose Kibuuka Tumwesigye from “Team Kibuuka” that helps in promoting well beings of people came out to rescue the woman.

Emmy Turyabagyenyi councilor representing PWD’s at Rukungiri Municipality visited the girl’s family on behalf of Kibuuka and provided some relief items including soap, posho, jerry, sugar to assist her for some time.

Kibuuka told our reporter in phone interview that the move is intended at make revamping Kyampire’s life as person living with disability.

Kibuuka said that in addition to this relief, they will construct a modern house with a PDW designed toilet where Kyampire can take good care of her daughter.

He thanked the parents and caretakers for being responsible in caring their daughter together with the grandkid stressing that such a category’s care is a full time job that requires persistence.

Cue……….Kibuuka on Kyampire

Nahabwe Ronald the Bwambara Sub County Community Development Officer encouraged parents of disabled children to avoid discriminating them revealing that they are also human beings.

Nahabwe asked parents to play a pivotal role in fighting teenage pregnancy, early childbearing the vices that have remained common despite several legislations against the practice.