30 revelers arrested in Rukungiri bars


RUKUNGIRI– The Police in Rukungiri district on Tuesday night arrested over 30 people for allegedly holding gatherings and boozing contrary to the ministry of health guidelines to combat Covid 19 in the country.

ASP Edwin Atukunda the acting District Police Commander DPC revealed that the suspects were arrested from various trading centers in Buyanja Sub County.

The most covid 19 guidelines violating trading center was Nshungyezi where people were found operating shops at the same time with bars.

Atukunda explains that people in Nshungyezi trading center usually throw stones at Police implementing covid 19 guidelines confirming that they will also be harsh on them.

He added that the population within the place is becoming a worry since standard operating procedures are not adhered to hence forcing the police to intervene. Others arrested were from leisure center bar Buyanja.

Nshungyezi trading center comprises two cells of Rwenshekye and Kishonga upper. According to Mujuni Naboth the area chairperson, each homestead within the center comprises an average number of six members accounting for the surge in numbers.

Mujuni adds that leaders have tried to sensitize them on adherence to covid 19 guidelines though most of them have kept deaf ears.

The suspects are currently in detention at Buyanja police station. Atukunda however encourages the public to put much emphasis on measures to combat covid 19 whether in lockdown or not.