Kisoro district council pass Ugx 305M covid-19 supplementary budget amidst contestation


KISORO– The Kisoro district council on Monday passed a UGX 305 COVID-19 supplementary budget.

The supplementary budget was tabled before councilors during the council meeting held at Seseme Girls SS chaired by the district boss Abel Bizimana. 

According to Bizimana, part of Ugx 305 million has been allocated to 388 villages in Kisoro district  where each village will receive Ugx 400,000 with Ugx 300,000 allocated to Village Health Teams while Ugx 100,000 is for the village taskforce.

Bizimana also noted that Ugx 70M was budgeted for inland travel and surveillance, Ugx 20M for communication, Ugx 37M  for district taskforce allowances and Ugx 22.5M for vehicle maintenance.

The supplementary budget was passed amidst controversy by a section of councilors who were demanding for its transparency. 

A Councilor representing southern division tried to block the passing of the said budget stressing that the health committee should first scrutinize the fund expenses.

Festus Bahinyuza, one of the councilors accused district taskforce for failing to outreach and sensitize the public about covid-19 prevention and demanded for transparency of Ugx 305 million covid-19 supplementary budget response.

The district boss Bizimana and Amos Hakizimana the council speaker blasted Agaba for trying to block the council from passing the covid-19 response supplementary budget stressing that the funds are emergently needed and there is no need for delay.

Bizimana told the council that it is time for VHTs to benefit from the government funds. 

Speaker Hakizimana warned the councilors against misbehaving saying that he won’t tolerate such nonsense in the house.