Malaba youths petition IGG over missing UGX 6M NUSAF 3 funds


TORORO– A section of youths of Malaba Town council have petitioned the Inspectorate of Government accusing their chairperson over the lose of Ugx 6M from NUSAF 3 project.

The accused is Joseph Emojong the chairman of the youth saving group as well as the chairperson of the enterprise known as inspire Africa which contains coffee shop, butcher, salon, tents and chairs and music system.

The youth allege that only those in support of the Chairperson are liable to acquiring loans.

Emojong in response blamed elected councillors in the group wanting money minus appending any signatures.

He adds that the politicians in the group have vowed to disorganize the whole system using the members to fail the group.

Emojong says the contested money is available and was disbursed as loan to the members.

He also alleged that Hon Robina Nabumadi a group member and a female district councillor has continued to torment and torture him psychologically after taking his file and removing all documentation about the contested funds.

The Former district councillor for Malaba Rodjus Imailuk tasked the chairperson to present details of transparency during his operation managing this huge institution.

Moses Moiza the Nusaf 3 Desk Officer in the district said the team needs to learn to respect each other so that they co exist for their betterment.