Sheema wedges war against president Museveni, ‘we want a Ministerial position’


SHEEMA– Residents of Kigarama and Masheruka sub counties in Sheema district on Monday staged a demonstration and walked about 30Km around the two sub counties accusing president Museveni for abandoning them in his ministerial selection.

The angry residents who were holding hoes, posts and other items, Said that they aren’t happy with president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni for not appointing any minister from their District especially Hon Jacklet Atuhaire Rwabukurukuru their daughter.

The demonstrators narrated that Jacklet lost elections because of Museveni since she was busy carrying out investigations on Ministry of energy mafias reducing her concentration in campaigns.

“President has dearly disappointed us especially us women. We formed groups which we nicknamed team Museveni, we could be facilitated by Jacklet and she could usually tell us that even if she loses and Museveni wins, we shall still benefit. Unfortunately we’re now regreting the time we spent jumping streams, walking in wild looking for Musevin’s support, it’s a total shame” Natukunda Millian one of the demonstrators told this reporter.

The demonstrators told our reporter that in case President Museveni doesn’t take action on their issues, they are ready to cross from NRM to other parties where their efforts can be recognized.

“I wasn’t only the only staunch FDC supporter but also a party mobilisation secretary in the constituency. I joined NRM party after a secret talk with her, she told me to mobiliser for her 50 strong FDC supporters whom she met at her home and they all agreed to support her and NRM” Elias Kahangye told this reporter.

Kahangye told the press that the reason they voted for Museveni was Jacklet whom he has dumped stressing that they are just waiting for her say so that they can finally decide on the next move.

Some of the Protesters

They protestors asked Museveni to delegate someone who will handle continuation of Jacklet’s projects if he can consider her for any position.

They appealed to president Museveni that if he doesn’t want to consider them in this government, he should send someone to continue with projects 

The former legislator had pioneered projects like training people in shoe and hand bag making as well as mushroom farming.

“Now look at our hand bags and mushroom, we have them here in large quantities but without market. When we contacted Jacklet, she told us she will first seek for permission from the district chairperson and area MP to allow her and bring people to give us market the role she would have done without longevity in criteria if she was appointed in any office” says Annet Kabandize

Hon Jacklet told our reporter on phone that the residents surprised her since she knew nothing about this arrangement but only saw them on Social media.

There has been a reputable history that the President appoints losers to some offices. In 2006 when Prof Elijah Dickens Mushemeza lost to Prof Ephraim Kamuntu, President Museveni appointed him (Mushemeza) as the NRM chairman electoral commission, in 2011 when Prof Ephraim Kamuntu lost to Eng Katwiremu Yorakamu, he was appointed the ambassador and later to Minister of Water.

In 2016 when Eng Yorakamu Katwiremu lost to Prof Kamuntu, President Museveni appointed him the senior presidential advisor, this time when Prof Ephraim Kamuntu lost to prof Mushemeza, he was appointed a senior presidential advisor and way back when Hon Rosemary Nyakikongoro lost to Hon Jacklet, she was appointed a commissioner in the judiciary but when Jacklet lost to Nyakikongoro in 2021, she was left aside.